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A week of market of small home appliance reviews (2008.4.7-4.13)

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Exit fan expert is raised enrol

China has a common saying, start to prepare at the last moment, not bright smooth also, but the fact proves, casual husband is done must not, especially business field, delayed an opportunity, the loss can not be to grind the time of the gun to be able to fill come back! Nowadays is worth fanner kind the product exports busy season, climb in sales volume litre while a few enterprises sign up for check suffocate suffocate because of of all kinds problem. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, suitable heart examines quarantine bureau expert raises avoid of action help enterprise to export a risk. Suitable heart examines the relevant provision that quarantine bureau expert suggests the enterprise needs comply with to export small home appliance to superintend, had done those who change a product to put on record ahead of schedule the job.

Expert of busy season of fan product exit raises action avoid risk

Kitchen electric equipment rises in price

After the white home appliance such as afterwards freezer, washing machine is moved on occurrence price, the kitchen electric equipment of torpid for a long time also begins " the action " rise, joined sadly rise in price team. Three-piece suit of type of Europe of river gate area (cigarette machine kitchen is provided embedded alexipharmic ark) minimum price already broke through 4000 yuan. The basis sells a personage introduction, brand of a gleam of rose in price 5 are nodded. The personage inside course of study is differ to this view, somebody thinks reasonable, somebody thinks to build downwind car, also somebody thinks this is chief trader is exploring the reaction of consumer, in imperceptible in undertake rising in price. Rise in price with white report " earthshaking " photograph comparing, hutch defends electric equipment to rise in price to did not make a too big sound it seems that, manufacturer basically was pushing the price of process lieutenant general that tastes newly to go up to rise.

Taste concentration newly to appear on the market kitchen electric equipment price rises sadly

Smoke wet machine to heat up sell

Smoked wet machine to be sold in southern region recently good, come from the message of Dongguan, 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan smoke wet machine to go sign is good, and 3000 yuan of dryer to 5000 yuan have be heated is held in both hands likewise, individual sell an odd-numbered days to sell fine to be as high as 10 more than, a lot of brands were rolled out taste newly. Sell at the same time also be in " collect goods " , in order to have summertime arrival product rises in price.

Smoke wet machine, dryer is popular the market is heated up by consumer hold in both hands

Businessman of sell like hot cakes of dehumidify electric equipment is many store up money is big home appliance

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