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Arms expansion of a group of people of same interest of high-end microwave oven

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After passing brief calm, microwave oven enterprise shined again and again May of high-tech content taste newly, the personage inside course of study thinks, be similar to IT course of study, microwave oven also was being entered " Microwave3.0 " period, heat with the tradition or onefold " evaporate " what the function is a delegate is old taste up a stump.

Arms expansion of a group of people of same interest of high-end microwave oven

A few days ago, the home installed have the aid of in May of home appliance buy upsurge, orchid be an official rolled out case of microwave oven tycoon to taste the microwave oven of new generation light-wave that is a delegate newly with BM series, all-round that operating as a result of this series is changed and easy is measurable fit superior performance, by the whole world a lot of first person that experience praise in be microwave oven " BMW " .

"The make a comprehensive view rolls out in the industry this year all sorts of taste newly, resemble exterior of face of lens of type of so complete an organic whole, the high-quality goods that operates 20 kinds of automatic menu along with the heart does not see more really, " wide ministry of electric equipment of 10 thousand goods purchases a manager to say, "We first ordering goods that amount achieves 200 thousand yuan, be head and shoulders above other any microwave oven sheet are tasted. "

Guangzhou Su Ning is in charge of the Zhang Taihu that kitchen small electric equipment purchases disclosing to the reporter, "This year 51 during, guangzhou Su Ning is close the sale unit price of microwave oven compared 30 storefront to rose last year 30% , 800 yuan of above are muti_function the sale of microwave oven is occupied than already was close to 60% . "

"BMW " design product of embedded microwave oven

According to Su Ning electric equipment senior sale adviser introduces, be similar to BMW from start 220km of travel speed per hour, need to be not worth the time of 30 seconds only, the rate that vapour of BM microwave oven produces is far also fast at common microwave oven; Additional its exterior also the design principle be exactly the same with car of home of current and top class illicit, pure flat organic glass designs immensity of face of lens of immensity titanium film, it is an industry in exclusive a microwave oven that accomplishs face of immensity double lens.

Professional personage thinks, in open wide type kitchen currently gradually by city family praise highly hind, use BM microwave oven will make domestic cleanness more relaxed, and hand of type of its high-tech lever presses the door, more let exterior an organic whole shape, switch door sound is ringing, design inspirational be exactly the same with BMW door.

The 3rd acting microwave oven desire " sing leading role "
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