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Green storm comes over concept of environmental protection of fight in some plac

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Recently, storm of environmental protection of a green swept across manufacturer of numerous home appliance. Green home appliance is namely below the premise of quality qualification, efficient and energy-saving and incorrect in use process human body and surroundings cause harm, still can reclaim after discard as useless the home appliance product that use, basically include resource managing model with health model.

The reporter is in Ya Yun Cun of small battalion big in electric equipment city sees, the home appliance that takes green idea at present is very general already.

Resemble the PA2 set that LG air conditioning rolls out newly this year, own system of professional CleanBoy intelligence cleanness, technology of full effect dust collection used in air conditioning interior, but the oldest rate avoids in-house and other part to be polluted. And of LG high capacity wash machine of dry an organic whole, can make an user one-time be cleaned easily not only, stoving is big clothings, still can be in catharsis process antiseptic, can keep away from again the worry of the sand and dust outdoor and indoor odour.

The salesperson of sea Er freezer tells a reporter, at present the competition of home appliance product, basically center on quality, price and after service, but what consume an idea as people is mature with each passing day, environmental protection is sure to become one of consideration factors that affect people to buy home appliance product. Modern pays close attention to oneself health, attention to live more and more environment, look from long-term sense so, environmental protection product will get surely the favour of increasing consumer. A controller of home appliance company that does not wish to disclose a full name tells a reporter, consumer is very at present easy to read and understand still to the understanding of environmental protection home appliance. He expresses, "Green " home appliance should be accepted for consumer truly, still need with all possible means joint efforts.

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