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Without stannum: Home appliance " extended active duty " cause an accident again

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Home appliance resembles food actually same, also have " the expiration period " , but a lot of consumer do not understand this, cause a lot of " extended active duty " home appliance causes an accident again and again. City home appliance maintains association controller to say, this association already was received since this year relevant complain nearly 100 cases.

The home is before long medium before Mr Lin with a mountainous area stannum sudden fire, the thing such as the television in the sitting room, air conditioning mostly by burn down. Classics survey, discover on fire dot is in for television ark. After association personage enquires, maintenance of city home appliance is informed, the television of Mr Lin already used 11 years, image still appears to shake before long before, the circumstance with unsharpness sound. He is analysed, the service life of general television is 8 ― 10 years, and the phenomenon that the symptom of the television before on fire is ageing of yuan of parts of an apparatus, ageing of television picture tube or dirt bring about short circuit more and fire is caused extremely likely.

Data shows, home appliance complains the 5th when already occupied class of our city business to complain last year, what already occupied business class to complain first quarter this year is close 3 into, first what the category that arrange trade complains.

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