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Su Ning 52 new store during 51 golden weeks at the same time practice

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The golden week had become Su Ning chain to carry it seems that fast mark, 5 years 51 golden weeks opened follow one day 22 doors inn, after this every golden week, had become " Su Ning speed and Su Ning time " . Recently, su Ning announces external, 51 during Su Ning 52 inn at the same time the message of practice, will make the central point that the industry pays close attention to again undoubtedly. Seductive is, in the chain plan that announces in Su Ning, 52 storefront of practice, the store of 3C + flagship of Su Ning original creation has 18, and be centered in the key strategy city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, this Su Ning 51 send force again, mean Su Ning to promote further in the competitive ability of city of a gleam of.

Take the lead in finishing key city storefront to optimize

Sun Weimin of president of Su Ning electric equipment expresses, begin from 2003, su Ning begins to pursue flagship store strategy energetically, roll out 3C mode and mode of 3C flagship store early or late, up to to the end of last year, su Ning had owned store of 82 3C flagship in the whole nation, occupy storefront nearly 13% of gross, compare 2006 of 10.8% occupy than promoting 2.2 percent further, these super storefront basically are centered in these super cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Ning Bo and economy to develop city. Of this one strategy carry out executive effect for a long time to be in Su Ning in recent years in annals OK also peek one spot. Su Ning founded in 6 years 3C + storefront mode, put forward large store to develop the strategy, flagship store amount increases ceaselessly, add pair of old store to be transformed ceaselessly upgrade, end at present, su Ning had finished storefront in key city structural sex is adjusted, took the lead in realizing storefront to manage with layout optimize, market competition capacity upgrades further. This kind of advantage is reflected not only in storefront on rationalize layout of the structure, the apparent promotion of more significant only store benefit.

Bencisuning in 52 storefront of 51 practice, establish pattern according to 3 class storefront of Su Ning, store of 3C + flagship occupies 18, central inn 19, community inn 15. Su Ning insists to be strategic storefront with store of 3C + flagship, to brand image, category, storefront figure undertake combinative, it is Su Ning storefront the mark of figure; Central inn and community inn are the inadequacy that compensatory flagship store enclothes limits to go up, the storefront that convenient townsman nearby is consumed and builds. 52 storefront are collective practice, revealed tiring-room actual strength of Su Ning, su Ning always is advocated " experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs, strong backstage supporter " , powerful tiring-room actual strength, make Su Ning is in the process that interlinks development, carry fast and smooth development state from beginning to end. It is reported, inn of Zhu Yuan of inn of inn of the inn of bridge of jade spring run of this second practice, Li Zeqiao inn, black bamboo bridge, Wei Qingxi road, guest village store, Zhongshan, village store, Huang Gangfu civilian road inn, Chun Xi, the strategic position that covered the city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu or potential strategic area.
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