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Fanner weighs Zhen Wei " wind " : More healthy more fashionable

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Although leave true summer to still have a paragraph of time, but fanner begins embark upon a political venture, shift to an earlier date the contention battle of start shooting and air conditioning.

Air conditioning rises in price, electric power supplies hasten to tighten, become today summerly fanner weighs Zhen Wei " wind " auspicious chance. Make a comprehensive view today summerly fanner market, healthy, human nature and vogue are eyeball of manufacturer loot consumer 3 big " killer mace " .

Will healthy undertake after all

Healthy environmental protection is fanner maintains the main factor of long vitality all the time. Relative to at air conditioning character, fanner more press close to is natural, it drops in temperature with quickening the airiness inside the bedroom to be achieved for the principle the purpose of disappear heat, accord with instantly city crowd to go after the fashion that healthy green lives.

The reporter understands, today summerly stylist blends in more fresh originality fanner in. Last year, beautiful, the dominant brand such as Aimeite is rolled out " healthy wind " concept and " wind of class A quality " standard, today Xia Zai is pushed " Morpheus wind " concept. The reporter sells in home appliance see, beautiful remote control pedestal fan " Morpheus wind " the problem that the design solved size of past wind force, send wind to be like silk blandly, satisfied and clinking, deserve to be designed in order to exceed effect Jing Yin again, let consumer enjoy " have wind only, without sound " high quality Morpheus. In addition, its anion oxygen since function, smooth accelerant purifies a function to be rolled out oneself, get of consumer chase after hold in both hands; Stylist returns initiate 360 degrees of fan all-around mode sending wind and design of double guide wind rotor, purify is indoor damp, dry the function such as midge of clothings, drive, what contented consumer health lives is all-around demand, undertake health after all.

Stride human nature to change a number times

Enter in succession as the home appliance such as color television, air conditioning, freezer " digitlization times " , fanner stylist blends in high-tech concept in time fan in the design, fanner changes from now on vulgar figure, stride human nature to spend digital period.

Sell in one home appliance, spot of the member that sell demonstrated the human nature of beautiful remote control pedestal fan to change digital function, it is OK and aleatoric time of set switch machine, whole journey dawdler operates mode, process designing sends wind, the palm that follow a heart accuses, "8 " the word establishs form of characters or letters to send wind the system, OK and accurate control places wind angle, rate, make its send wind limits wider, more wind of nature of press close to. Intelligent feeling lukewarm function can adjust according to room temperature intelligence wind force, broke through traditional fan hand to move greatly adjust block fast trival with inconvenience... intelligence of science and technology makes fanner more human nature is changed.
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