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"The holiday changes " to home appliance market " fold indigestion " effect

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After Spring Festival of in former years passes, home appliance manufacturer and sell begin to prepare for war " 51 " the sale busy season that place length a holiday brings, and consumer also is used to when home appliance is bought again when putting long holiday. However, current market condition, the place of urgent enlarge stock of manufacturer and businessman alleviates, pure Brightness of small in April gold tries water somewhat intention, heart of consumer scare buying somewhat smooth. Became in April " the holiday changes " to home appliance market " fold indigestion " the first signs of effect and coming of 51 transfer.

Effect source rises -- " the golden week " those who be a businessman to be contended for surely period

The country published holiday system to revise proposed law 2007, undertook readjust to holiday: Add tomb-sweeping day holiday for 3 days, happy 517 days decrease for 3 days. In former years " 51 " shift to an earlier date a month, manufacturer and businessman begin to enter prepare for war condition, try every means draws consumer look inside 7 days, increase sale quickly, regard its as annual " military strategist in ancient China contends for surely period " ; And consumer also begins rub one's fists and wipe one's palms-be eager for a fight, planning to need purchased thing.

This year April is the first key period since plan is carried out, because it covered Pure Brightness " add a holiday " and 51 " decrease a holiday " two crucial period of time. The home appliance trade that does not reduce in heat of 51 golden weeks originally, the sale begins to disperse.

Home appliance market studies wave of expert land blade thinks: Below the influence of new holiday, the market is to drop in temperature, warm up smoothly still, it is a problem that is worth to discuss very much. And the author thinks the holiday changes can make home appliance market can appear " fold indigestion " effect.

Effect is explained -- overlay of fruit of effect of form of layer upon layer advance gradually

So called " fold indigestion " effect, namely will originally concentration sells develop to become " break up the whole into parts " and of the layer upon layer advance gradually of generation, consolidate step by step, the effect that overlay accumulates. One character with Bi Zhi, "Fold indigestion " the final result of effect is benefit is more than fraud. Although 509 Pure Brightness, small long holidays add up,have 6 days only, the 51 golden weeks before comparing are little one day, but can form however ' 1 > of 1 + 2 ' advantage.

Effect one: Home appliance buys a quantity to be able to rise considerably than having last year.

Although " 51 " grow to cancel falsely, make manufacturer and consumer a little unaccustomed, but catch up with the Olympic Games this year, again a lot of people hope to send grab Olympic Games the first prize to marry, beyond question, home appliance buys quantity affirmation to be able to rise considerably than having last year, market size is not met shorten because of what grow a holiday and change somewhat, this bought person after all can be bought. Occupy market research of Chinese home appliance additionally to study the relevant investigation data of task group shows, to plan first 08 golden week, the country is beautiful invite through be being given out to supplier of a hunderd schools on the whole world undertake large sheet is purchased and taste newly " appear " means, make its try effect of sales volume of water Pure Brightness remarkable.
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