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"Disinfect home appliance " popular sales volume " when the river rises the boat

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Close paragraph time comes, of arise suddenly " brothers mouth is ill " epidemic situation causes a citizen to be opposite communal healthful take seriously, also stimulated " alexipharmic home appliance " of the market warm up. The reporter sells an understanding to arrive in home appliance, all sorts of " disinfect home appliance " sale " when the river rises the boat goes up too " , in making market of current home appliance popular commodity. Of nowadays " disinfect home appliance " in mainstream product, with Ge Lanshi microwave oven, Kang Bao disinfects ark most suffer consumer to favor. The member that sell a sales promotion says, as a result of " brothers mouth is ill " reason, at present many nursery school, school buys public disinfection ark of purpose, those are famous spend taller old brand to become buy first selection. Medical expert considers to discover, the enteroviruses that causes brothers mouth disease is reached to ultraviolet ray dry and sensitive, virus can be destroyed quickly live in 50 Celsius. So the expert reminds people noticing the individual is healthful at the same time, should do the disinfection that drink of good dinner service provides. The brand that him choice likes is commonly when consumer is buying alexipharmic ark, the consumer of those not familiar electric equipment criterion in order to disinfect ark manufacturer professional as buy a basis.

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