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Our country printing machine instrument makes an industry still very long way wa

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Pressworking equipment imports amount, 2006 with photograph comparing dropped 2005 below the circumstance of 0.34% , of our country imprint machine product exit advances triumphantly with be as high as the speed of 39.47% . But us anything but should at this point be pleased with oneself, absolutely data tells us: The printing machine instrument of our country is to enter as before be more than piece, difference amounts to 3 times above. And, the exit product of our country with feebleminded class be in the majority, the amount is large but price is low, the product of the entrance criterion energy level is opposite taller, the quantity is little but price is high. Volume of import of the equipment after imprinting was compared 2006 over year drop 21.71% , this has look of the equipment after imprinting already to pressworking equipment precision asks relatively inferior, the after imprinting equipment that our country makes replaced the element that imports equipment gradually, but mainer is, the country is adjusted to importing tax items to do, of the equipment after cancelling to imprint entirely almost avoid the policy that imposes custom duty and value added tax, let many enterprises must choose the equipment that inland produces. It is with printing machine exemple, 2006 the entrance of printing machine is mixed reel-up all exists to take feed formula offset press in exporting a column, change the cant inside a course of study to say, web offset press had exit to also have an import already 2006. The quantity of exit is 202, total prices is worth 34165033 dollars, also namely every price 169 thousand dollar, with in those days the exchange rate of 8 folds 1 ∶ RMB, it is 1.35 million RMB roughly. In those days the reel-up that our country imports takes feed formula offset press is 73, total prices is worth 140154744 dollars, it is 1.92 million dollar roughly one, with afore-mentioned is the same as caliber convert grows up civilian money 15.36 million RMB one. What this differs to be brought on sale price with respect to the technical content that is equipment is apparently different. Say objectively, before no matter be,imprinting, presswork equipment, still be the equipment after imprinting, our country and world imprint the difference between machine industry still very big. More austere is, companion imprints as the foreign country China of settle of aircraft production company, of our country imprint aircraft company obverse side is facing new challenge. The glue in the equipment after imprinting orders machine case also is such. Our country exported 1118 2006, total prices is worth 2356146 dollars, about 2107 dollars. Import 80, total prices is worth 8418566 dollars, 105232 dollars, the price that our country exports more than 1000 is returned not as good as 1/3 of 80 prices of our country of developed country exit. This must say, it is the difference that we exist between such developing country and developed country, admit difference only, know difference place clearly, ability is possible ceaseless effort, ceaseless progress. Company of sea heart fort rolls out the equipment after imprinting even " 0 pay " the sale is politic, together with, depend on what they taste quality to producing to hold, constitute powerful pressure to congener product of home, this is our home imprint the task that aircraft company must answer seriously. These a few years, companion avoids those who draft custom duty and policy of value added tax to adjust as our country, abroad imprint the case that aircraft company sets a plant to home is in in succession grow in quantity. Most typical is manufacturer of the equipment after imprinting -- company of Swiss Ma Tianni is in its manufacturer home settle Shenzhen, from production disc the machine that include a range rises, already expanded to production saddle stitching to today bound line. Company of sea heart fort also is such, in Shanghai Qing Pu sets a plant, from production Paula paper cutting machine rises, there already were more than 100 Starr now folding machine gets offline, the production of small-sized printing machine also already mount a horse. These enterprises sell the market of their product price is clingy country congener product valence. Anyhow, statistical data is the foundation that we judge an issue, we should be read seriously and analyse these data, discover a problem from which, begin to solve these problems. Imprint in affirmative our country while what machine industry obtains result a few this years, should tell more: Of our country imprint machine manufacturing industry should catch up with international advanced level still has very long way to want, we must continue hard on existing foundation.
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