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Small home appliance is tasted newly hit out " upright midday "

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People often can choose traditional dragon boat festival go for a walk in the country in spring, outing, eat the means such as the zhongzi to spend, but this year the adjustment as a result of legal holiday, people had the vacation of 3 days that carry midday first. This catastrophic to experiencing a cataclysm Chengdu city home appliance is rare business chance undoubtedly the businessman, this not, businessman of small home appliance began the action to rise, they roll out their fist product severally, in an attempt to takes the lead in loot market first machine. Believe below no matter products of these small home appliance are to use give sb a present, or oneself are used, should be right choice. According to establish   of Bao of violet arenaceous meal to use natural violet arenaceous inside bravery, can save food nutrition component effectively, sweet, flavour all accumulate, compare with photograph of Bao of traditional report meal, store when sweltering summer heat food sends sour not easily to deteriorate; Its innovation electron accuses lukewarm technology, broke through an electron control of temperature of Bao of violet arenaceous meal is not accurate, the technical bottle that papers a meal easily is strong; Be worth what carry is, this product is in at the beginning of appearing on the market, according to established CEO to ever had by a definite date to it personally of two months (everyday 3) boil, Bao checks, the test makes clear as a result, this meal Bao not only quality is stable, and put an end to before Bao of violet arenaceous meal is easy the phenomenon such as anxious meal or rawish meal. Inferior decorate bodyguard   this is by inferior invite industrial model at high price " a person of academic or artistic distinction " design, to cooperate China burgeoning " elite " estate angle is luxurious and show off riches and honour, of the machine of dehumidify of purifier + humidifier + that rolls out designedly " three-in-one " compound model air handles luxury. This machine uses trends to be decomposed except bacterium, catalysis, contaminant is explored, intelligence shows wait for technology of 4 big core, can control a bacterium breathe function and bring about " the contact dies " , to bead diameter all sorts of grain content of 0.3 micron above and bacterium round purifying rate are as high as 99.9% above. The pioneer waters without hot bravery machine   this product uses metalloid vycor to provide calorific system, clean, wholesome, environmental protection, healthy, won't produce harmful material; Broke through the traditional structure that heat up bravery, heat immediately, put an end to repeat burn boil, make water quality nutrition not prediction of a person's luck in a given year; Use heater of film of electric heat of class of efficient accept rice, produce furring not easily, without the metal phenomenon of rusty, oxidation, true water and electricity is detached; Make heat quickly, safe and energy-saving, using n is common water the 1/3 of machine, check through science everyday power consumption makes an appointment with 0.34 degrees, can save one year give common water machine. Powder of juice of former times of the grandma of market of this machine of   of machine of northwest happy arrange that make, vegetables and fruits, mill, water ice, soya-bean milk, wring a variety of functions such as the flesh at an organic whole, the heart that serves as arrange machine -- electric machinery, this machine uses the waterproof electric machinery that has international advanced technique, its rotate speed is as high as 26000 to turn / minute, noise of the generation when electric machinery works is very slight, the hear rate when electric machinery works is little; Cup body uses the PC data that imports provision level completely, wear-resisting is fought throw not easy damaged, but follow one's inclinations put microwave oven to heat to perhaps put freezer to refrigerate. Wei fine wave of market of   this machine massages sufficient bath massager, acupuncture point vibration is massaged, strong heat preservation, damping prevents slippery function at an organic whole, it is one of sufficient bath massager with the most at present perfect function on market. In hydraulic massage a respect with wave, this machine motherboard contains ably 24 jet aperture, the bubble that generates drives water billow, can arise those who make a person comfortable is downy and hydraulic; The respect is massaged in acupuncture point vibration, this machine motherboard massages dot of 213, ministry of can exciting foot each point, rise to be mixed undisturbedly loosen nerve, quicken haemal circulation, eliminate exhaustion quickly. Couplet achieves   of air conditioning fan to use centrifugal type double air channel, high grade exceed electrostatic opportunity, wind force is large, noise is little; Anion generates active oxygen, purify air, life-giving wake head; Ice crystal store can refrigeration, harbour cold amount is large, release time is long, be just as natural wind; Technology of refrigeration of boiler circulation of wet shade paper, boiler circulation is big, refrigeration is faster; Cistern of type of original creation drawer is designed, dismountable structure of type wet shade, use clean more convenient; Time function is the chiefest can amount to 7.5 hours, , remote remote control function, convenient operation.
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