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Shandong wide forgive becomes base of industry of tire of countrywide important

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Current, shandong saves company of tire of balata of wide forgive county to develop 28, total assets dimensions amounts to 16 billion yuan, industrial total output value amounts to 15 billion yuan, produce per year ability to amount to many 5500, 30% what hold countrywide market share, exit forehead amounts to 450 million dollar, the burgeoning tire that makes the whole nation be fixed eyes upon with the industry produces base. As we have learned, this county develops further to promote balata tire industry, made industry of tire of entire county balata develop a program, regard entire county key as the pillar industry that give aid to its, increase advantage capital to throw strength, innovation starts a shop sign, take the route of internationalization and industrial group, industrial benefit and integral actual strength increase apparently, whole industry enters the new period of rapid development. Nearly 5 years, total investment of tire of entire county balata and estate of form a complete set achieves 7.37 billion yuan, accumulative total implements industrial project 53, increase sales revenue newly thirteen billion four hundred and fifty-five million yuan. 2007, entire county is produced child midday embryo 26.8 million, 17.5% what take the throughout the country. Wide forgive county increase investment to serve as the abiding motive force that helps development of estate of birth of the rubber tyre that move rubber tree, optimize investment structure ceaselessly, go up newly content of science and technology good, environment pollutes tall, economic benefits small, radiate drives the good project with strong capability, stimulative industry structure is optimized and dimensions expands. Entire this year county carries out priority discipline of industry of 4 balata tire in all, always invest 1.3 billion yuan, increase sales revenue newly 4.06 billion yuan. 2007, balata tire exports an enterprise to achieve 32, implementation exports 450 million dollar, than going up year of growth 25% , 66.7% what occupy entire county to export the specified number, the company that has exported ten million dollar achieves 6. In the meantime, strategic resource base is built outside the condition, reduce what bring because of wave motion of raw material price to run a risk. Water group is in on the west original garden of 90 thousand mus of natural balata cultivates base foundation to go up, ask for 300 thousand mus of land additionally in the province in Laos sand blown by wind again, preliminary the land reserve that finished prospective balata garden to cultivate. Do business of strong balata tire greatly to be done further, executive internationalization strategy, extend development space; to strengthen external joint-stock collaboration, use production of international Organization for Standardization, the product infiltrates the international market stands firm ceaselessly. Additional, strengthen policy to give aid to, active help enterprise declares right of imports and exports, encourage guide balata tire company to enlarge exit. In developing balata tire property energetically, pay attention to innovation of science and technology, deepen produce learn to grind union. Current, company of production of entire county tire already built center of technology of city class above 4, the cooperation that built long-term stability with place of courtyard of 16 home scientific research and college concerns, mix independently new product of associated research and development 110 many. Strategy of executive famous brand, take a brand seriously recommend, management, declare, give award to the famous brand product that declare. Current, the tire product that entire county already had 5 companies is obtained " product of Shandong famous brand " title, of group flourishing peaceful " 3 A " brand is obtained " Chinese well-known logo " title. Develop industrial group, expand industrial chain, take the route that can develop continuously. Current, industry of tire of entire county balata already was formed have cloth of machine of line of shade of mould of wheel, tire, carbon black, steel wire, capsule, vulcanization, curtain to wait for relatively perfect industry chain. The line of steel wire shade of China shade group, always the tire capsule of one group, of company of 10 thousand golden peaceful group, patterns child midday embryo mould, the project technology such as the carbon black of company of Bei Si spy all reachs domestic advanced level, basic form a complete set perfects industrial system.
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