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Our city new-style material still lacks industrial tie

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Development of estate of our city data already provided embryonic form first, produces magnesium, aluminium and product of fibre glass material also are in banner level in the whole nation, but it is better to should make its faster develop, still lack the tie that contacts its and industry of our city pillar cheek by jowl. "Investigate its reason, lack material figuration technology and manufacturing company because of the our city namely, cause industry of our city data to cannot serve Yubende to support column industry directly. " Feng Shixun says, although the our city reachs the respect of research and development of fibre glass material to be in in magnesium alloy, aluminium alloy,precede, but the major product that relies on production of these two kinds of material, sell however went to foreland or abroad, especially the fibre glass that limited company of Chongqing international composite material produces, its export scale to amount to 90 % unexpectedly, on the international material congress yesterday, city material learns secretary-general Feng Shi Xun to express, the our city if can the blank of the figuration technology industry such as fill mould, can drive development of estate of our city data not only, still can develop pillar industry to create advantage for the our city. "According to statistic, industry of our city pillar reachs the material product such as fibre glass from the major magnesium alloy that purchases littoral, aluminium alloy is our city production. " Feng Shixun suggests, want to develop material property, the our city should regard development as the key the industry of material figuration technology such as the mould, in order to facilitate of industry of our city data, pillar industry double win an aspect. In the meantime, with respect to itself of industry of data of our city development character, feng Shixun returns a proposal, concentrating the scientific research power with institute and college dispersive and other places should be urgent affairs.

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