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American adjudication continues to keep the 6 nations such as Brazil wire oppose

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Committee of American international trade (ITC (turn over adjudication of dumping sunset reexamine, turn over dumping duty to maintain 5 years again to the wire of Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Maerduowa, Trinidad and Tobago and Wukelan, at the same time cancel opposes dumping tax to Canadian wire.   last year December, ITC claims to plan to return the sunset review a case that dumping duty has 5 years to the wire of afore-mentioned countries. To the adjudication of American ITC, local general carbon and material of alloy steel wire produce manufacturer to express satisfaction. Material of a gleam of produces manufacturer to say, although ITC adjudication cancels Canadian wire to turn over dumping duty to make us feel disappointed, but continue to keep the 6 nation such as Brazil it is quite important to the development of domestic iron and steel industry to oppose dumping tax. Home of   United States' main wire produces manufacturer to have: t of n of u of o of M of y of k of c of company of company of United States of Er of tower of company of wire of e of n of o of t of s of K e y , button company stalking or branch, An Saile rice, Gai Erdao United States, R o .

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