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The tragic fate of the cooker in China today who is responsible for

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Induction cooker induction cooker, also known as foreigners and some called the "hotplate" is the "hot plate, hot glass" like the meaning, or that foreigners superficial it. But perhaps the simple truth. China has called induction cooker, induction cooker is also known, more businesses and users are in the habit of known induction cooker. Two different titles, also reflects the position of marketing their businesses; two different names, also reflect the induction of this product in China's tragic fate. First talk about the cooker it. According to the Chinese traditional "stove" is not primarily for cooking purposes, but some supporting things and Sacrificial drinking, cooking with wine is Nuanjiu Hero stove, after dinner tea and the tea is to use the stove boiled tea, incense Health sunshine as sacrificial utensils stove Zi Yan's. In ancient times, people will not use the stove cooking. Then came the coal stove, kerosene stove, gas stove (now mostly known as the gas stove), boilers, blast furnaces, etc., are the product of the times. We can see the extension of the stove in the expansion, but still difficult to link directly and cooking. Now a lot of food Hotel, stoves, hot oven, can not prove "stove" can serve as kitchen, and can only do some assisted cooker. So some manufacturers are calling for the cooker Health What to do? Known as the "oven" What good is it? Vague, we can feel, called the furnace than the point called the kitchen nicely; vague, we can feel called furnace than the name kitchen stove to better reflect the identity and the identity of the main furnace, vague, we can feel called furnace stove than the name to better reflect the modern style of quick and simple lifestyle. Vague, we can feel called to meet the furnace is more than the kitchen is called a large part of the pursuit of quality of life of people thinking. Therefore, induction of a debut, worth a lot of money. The average household of three, four hundred more expensive blocks of seven or eight hundred thousand expensive, variety, environmental protection, no radiation, import panels and so on. In fact, these are worth while to improve the induction of the selling points of the invention itself is like this, someone is, there was nothing to hype. We all know that induction is a product of the modern kitchen revolution. No open flame or heat conduction directly in the bottom of the pot and let the heat generated, so the thermal efficiency has been greatly improved. Kitchenware is an energy efficient, completely different from the traditional all fire or no fire conduction heating kitchen. No flame, no heat radiation, smoke, no ash, no pollution, no rise at room temperature, no CO, CO2, SO3 and other harmful substances in the environment be protected. Kitchen, quiet, clean, fresh, make the cook feel comfortable and healthy. Is truly environmentally friendly products. Apply to the use of traditional stoves in any place, such as hospitals, factories and mines, hotels, restaurants, institutions, agencies, etc.; particularly suitable for non-fuel use the fuel supply or limit the occasions, such as the basement, railways, vehicles, ships, aviation and so on. As China's development, particularly the rapid development of electric power, this power of the induction cooker will be widely used. Why can not such a good product quickly capture the market beat the traditional stove or even replace them? I think it is called a bad name, the name simply to make the induction cooker can sell a good price, there is a good market, customers can have a higher degree of psychological identification willing to pay a higher price. But did not really promote the station to the induction of life essential supplies for the people, the journey of a good product for in the end point of the revolution. Instead, we can imagine, the appliance name only from the point of view is the embodiment of lifestyle, life is the embodiment of taste, not the tools necessary for normal family life. It is also small home appliances the economic crisis hit in the induction cooker is the biggest reason. Since the promotion and businesses are not thinking about using it to win all the customers, I believe that one day, all customers will abandon her. I believe that the factory, the business introduced a new product of social life change is enormous, and definitely not just for sellers. The guidance of social life is very important. When the cooker is the term more people saw them, she is destined to today's tragic fate. Manufacturers business when you put out a good product to sell out, one thing you have to do is to change the user's habits and change their lives. For such users, not accustomed to crowded buses bought a car, buy a mobile phone to call people who do not loudly on the pressure in the heart of the problem, and direct dial phone, bought a toothbrush to the point of a place to brush your teeth regularly and so on. Habits are changing, life changing. Similarly, when you go out to promote the induction of social life made two major changes, the first is to allow people from thinking that "fire" than the "pot" good. Time back 30 years, so you put the pot into the stove, I believe you will not dry, then people will not accept it today, waiting to see your efforts. The second is to get people to change from the daily life of the stove is the main character, the stove is supporting the habit. Directly to a supporting role, the main character was not. This opera director general of the normal lens will not open. Such a change, and the resulting induction of fate, we are also seen. When the cooker when the name came out, it was the spot to, this is the necessities of life had become a fashion product. Standing above the crowd, and finally fled. I, too am not 忽悠 忽悠. Eventually even the self-defeating. How come all this does, in fact, merchants or manufacturers are driven by greed, not to the people's livelihood in an important position, not from reality, many gimmicks to mask true fan, to fish caused by the final loss hurt much more than a little profit and GDP. Talk about the cookers. I think the name is well, one word, laying bare the nature of the product (the expected nature), it is expected that the savings really cheap and environmentally friendly stove to facilitate access to millions of households, at least as expected Cooker a new stove, out of all of the traditional stove. Named point of view or from the back to nature, seeking truth from facts. But in fact, induction cooker is still being played can not change the tragic fate of those who cheat can not change the name of the ending. Stove cookers name is, in fact, like the kitchen? I think at least for now do not have a normal person that induction cooker is cooking. "Stove" fire with earth, induction cooker have? Not. And I think the domestic business called cookers (manufacturers) in the "cookers" and do a most powerful image of the packaging, all kinds, in the end a kind of do a gorgeously dressed, completely forgotten only a Motome cooker, ordinary Xiaojiabiyu can no longer ordinary. This name and this appearance, I feel very good fit. In the end is to promote Xiuwaihuizhong, not China or the Chinese do the same for real? Or Maiduhaizhu? A bottom of my heart, I believe more and more people are more at the end. Manufacturers and merchants have done is to buy a good price, allowing users to pay more than the pictures. So many people do this "kitchen" of the account, that the business Bluff is not without reason. Therefore, the market price of repeated diving cooker, sales are mainly concentrated in the 300 less than his competitors think about the price of gas range or whether prices are much higher than the appearance of them. Worth in such a poor and lowly, so that the body can provoke a small family life? Can bring the whole family a healthy diet? Can taste the whole family a symbol of life? I think I will not believe it. For such a cheap thing to cook, how life style, how healthy? How can taste it? Cooker so I think this is bound to be a fallen angel. Can not afford the heavy responsibility entrusted by the times, the revolution is doomed to failure. Industry already and the upcoming touch-screen appliance, many manufacturers feel like a scourge, all in the wild before selling their stock. Go ahead of the times, walking ahead of the touch screen appliance. But I dare predict, the touch screen is still sadly cooker tomorrow, do not think it was a business opportunity. Not only business opportunities, or even a trap, caught them Who is it, not the user, I think there might be dealers, manufacturers, and even the upstream suppliers of raw materials. If the market is mature, why not the kitchen revolution, the revolution has put its own? If a reasonable extension of the road, why Dead Before the Ship Even Sank? In fact, her presence is with one of tragedy, one of the desolate Li, a contradiction, but simply can not represent the interests of the people. As a forced prostitution Motome and happy, we're still Xiji Zhao her to save our lives?! Change our fate?! That we are not to be cooker (kitchen) sink reservoirs loaded pig cage? I see no need. The cooker is no problem, the future of this product is not a problem, the problem is today's appliance manufacturers, merchants, in the end you doing? Market at the beginning is to nurture, education, the training, is the ban. At present, manufacturers, merchants are in the what? Dry Chak and fishing, sighted, Banded, living beyond! So irresponsible on the market, how can we win the cooker in the spring, how to complete the kitchen before victory of the revolution. Marketing Marketing, a business with sales. Not to operate the market, enterprises, business products, brand management, how to sell? The fate of the cooker should not be so!
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