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Health safety Do not take a joke Pentium preferred Cooker

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Into the winter, induction cooker, also known as consumer life, the most commonly used kitchen appliances, both for water heating, cooking, or shabu-shabu, the appliance can be easy to get. Induction is convenient, but many consumers by However, worry about product safety, and I today for everyone to bring a variety of security features with the Pentium C21-PH06 induction cooker, which sells for 299 yuan, good price. Pentium C21-PH06 induction exterior design is very stylish and elegant silver appearance of the diamond, four digital display, beautiful atmosphere, the addition of the product imported by BASF plastic, shiny, strong impact, high temperature performance Good. The induction of the button by human large button design, feel good, easy to control, mask made of imported PC material, phasing out the regular PVC. Pentium C21-PH06 induction cooker uses switching power supply on the application of computer technology, you can use the bandwidth of the voltage 160-260V, more reliable, high-performance power cord other than the national standard, line neck thick, fire-retardant safety performance All durable. The product is HS (Hunter) Advanced ceramic panels, shaped coil with a new high and imports of high-power disk IGBT, with 8 large cooking function, 8-stall fire regulation and double separate duct design. Over-voltage protection function: When the instantaneous voltage is too high, the circuit starts in the intelligent control system, cut off the work of the circuit, so security appliance Over-current protection: When the working current moment is too large, the circuit starts in the intelligent control system, cut off the work of the circuit, so security appliance Automatic alarm function: intelligent detection system can identify whether the pot or pan with material is correct and sound the alarm, and when identified no cookware or cookware is not correct, automatically cut off power supply, safe and secure External thermal protection: the use of the appliance of the control chip through the thermistor temperature sensors to identify components, such as the temperature is automatically cut off power supply Special pot: imported 304 stainless steel, bright luster, magnetic properties of higher heating efficiency is greatly improved.
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