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Professional cooking program to win Supor cooker 3xx

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After many consumers in the use of household appliances, I always forget to unplug the power, in fact, this is a waste of the performance of power resources, and if each is also very troublesome indeed unplug the power, then there is no energy-saving standby products? I understand that Supor launched a stand-by 1W low energy appliance technology to meet the needs of consumers, he is currently a promotional price of 369 yuan, good price. Supor Cooker SDHJ05-210 used in the shape simple elegant shape, add a touch of fashion for the home. The product is made using a porcelain top, strong and durable. The cooker is equipped with a professional cooking program, home-style cooking process will be condensed into five intelligence functions, first choice is an urgent hot oil, stir fry sauce, then stir the fire, after burning simmered stew, and finally the sauce over high heat , different time, different fire, easy to make delicious meals. Supor Cooker SDHJ05-210 uses an intelligent low power standby technology, 1W standby low energy, higher than the national standard for home use to save power resources. Another use of this induction cascade combination of upper and lower coils, the magnetic field lines to maximize density, improve thermal efficiency and meet the national energy efficiency standards. The product also has a real fire, fire control technology shamisen, whether cooking or eating hot pot, adjust the fire can quickly and easily take control of your kitchen, quick and easy. When the fingers stay in "+/-" button, 2 seconds, fire can be quickly adjusted to the maximum or minimum, quick adjust fire, saves time and effort. Use energy-saving products energy efficient process, has been used at any time can check the battery current, clearly consumption, energy saving visible It is worth mentioning that, Supor Cooker SDHJ05-210 cast iron pot with Zeng 32cm, 26cm Zhi Bao steamed more than cooking with pot to steam multiple steaming soup with pot Po, a pot of steaming food and more with both, but also can play pot, pot soup, stew. Ultra-high glass composite lid design, can be steamed porridge cooking, large capacity, cooking process visualization. Increasing the height of the pot body design, large capacity, to prevent overflow into the surface of the food soup.
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