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Implementation of national standards of energy efficiency industry is expected

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National Development and Reform Commission, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued on November 31 announcement, the following air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other large appliances gradually implement energy efficiency rating standards, the national compulsory standard GB24849-2010 "for household and similar purposes Limited values of energy efficiency of microwave energy efficiency rating "from 1 December formally implemented, after the implementation of the new energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency can not reach the microwave oven 5 will also be banning the production and sales. The kitchen appliances in the induction cooker, electric pressure cookers new national standard will be implemented. Held recently from Shunde, induction cooker, electric pressure cookers start the meeting was informed that the national standards, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker forthcoming national standards. These two sectors in the drafting of national standards will not only enhance the induction cooker, electric pressure cooker business barriers to entry and accelerate the industry's standard operation, but also can effectively address the poor quality of products that have long plagued the market problems, and lack of core competitiveness of enterprises eliminated. At the meeting, the Committee declared the national standard by the United States as the two industry standardization working group. Chaos in the market for cookers, industry experts said, "in 2005, induction cooker market in the country has just started, there were more than 1,000 brands, and now only more than 200 brands." Although the domestic market still have cookers the scale of hundreds of billion of sales, but only the United States accounted for a company almost half of the industry. Traced the lack of core competitiveness and stable quality, is the root of the brand is fast disappearing. With the introduction of national standard will continue to accelerate the speed of shuffling, "expected to at least half of the enterprises will be eliminated." Currently, electric pressure cooker is also the industry 50 billion yuan sales volume, but also the size of more than 200 brands to seize this market. However, because of the lack of safety standards, the use of electric pressure cooker has been plagued by security problems criticized consumers, coupled with the patent confusion in Baidu search "electric pressure cooker complaints", can be found to about 80 million page, consumers in the course of a leak, explosion phenomenon. Can be seen in the actual purchase and use, electric pressure cookers products often-criticized. In fact, although the electric pressure cooker is safe and convenient features, but in use, the patent confusion, compromised product quality, product quality problems has been controversial. In order to regulate the industry development, and ensuring product quality, in 2008, Shunde, Shunde Bureau of Quality Supervision issued by the four-hand household appliances developed by leading enterprises in a pressure cooker, pressure cookers Union standards. August of this year, electric pressure cooker start of the session the drafting of national standards, electric pressure cooker official countdown to the introduction of national standards. Standards after the introduction of the electric pressure cooker industry will play a regulatory role, some non-standard operation, product quality, but off, sale and no protection for small businesses will be eliminated. Industry to improve the access threshold, making the poor quality of some products, high brand awareness is not blocked at the door. It is predicted that the electric pressure cooker of the national standard drafting of European standards will converge, there will be half of the enterprises in the new national standard was difficult to survive. Electric pressure cooker market is still hindered Electric pressure cooker market is currently growing rapidly, but will not completely replace the temporary and regular cookware ordinary rice cooker. Analysts said the publicity pressure cookers are not yet in place, especially for consumers, the advantages of electric pressure cooker has not been fully transmitted. The supermarkets and exhibition can be seen everywhere juicer, soybean milk may be a demonstration of the publicity for the electric pressure cooker with some thought. Electric pressure cooker, pressure cooker itself is as ordinary and upgrade the rice cooker there, but people who have both products, being not directly out of the rice cooker and you can also use pressure cookers, electric pressure cooker to buy. This electric pressure cookers advantages of the two products and a set of products, a little embarrassed. In addition, the channels also exist some problems, in 2006 before entering the large pressure cookers RT products, and in 2008 began pushing the country Mei-Cai, pressure cookers products, small, less resources so that pressure cookers are not high-profile store to become a member. Of course, this situation has been improved to some extent. With the United States and other major brands to enter the mainstream brands of products for electric pressure cooker intensified publicity, consumer awareness of products for electric pressure cooker increases, both will bring to market new impetus to electric pressure cooker. In addition, pressure cookers reduced price, closing price of the product and the gap between consumer psychology. According to the PRC, the data showed prices of 299 yuan, 250-segment market share, pressure cookers gradually increased from January to May 2010 compared to the weight of the retail price of 24.1% paragraph. Inexpensive goods for the Chinese people to pursue, when the price into the hearts of consumers, the price space, market growth will follow.
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