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German business research and development of new energy-efficient cooker

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By the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) sponsored the conduct of the "InduKOCH" technical cooperation projects that represent the use of innovative circuit concepts and components, improve the energy efficiency of induction cooking activities already underway. Household appliances parts suppliers EGO, University of Bremen Institute of Electrical drive power electronics equipment and semiconductor vendors Infineon plans to launch a cooperative research project aimed at finding a way to reduce the cost of appliance components, the project deadline is in mid-2013. Led by Infineon, cooperation and concerted use of induction can be greatly reduced power consumption and optimize power electronic components, development of cost-effective system. To this end, Infineon set out to develop advanced power semiconductors, the so-called IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistors). In the induction of, IGBT responsible for the high-frequency induction coil for heating currents switch. With the new power components, EGO cooker can transform electronic and mechanical parts and components, a new circuit concept, thus reducing production costs and energy consumption. IALB to study high-frequency switching operation of the modeling and simulation, in order to reduce parasitic power consumption. As the German federal government high-tech strategies and funding plans "IKT2020" part of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research "InduKOCH" project sponsored by three years, the total investment of 120 million euros.
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