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In the sound of a hype of media, all sorts of hearsay cause a temporary clamor that white report rises in price, the reporter learns from Su Ning yesterday, after the brand such as afterwards Xi Menzi rises in price, include a pine to fall to wait for brand of a few main foreign capital to already sold a make known to lower levels new price plan to chain with Yilaikesi, rise in price 3%~5% . And of power of two division of big bibcock company and beauty allege " not follow-up " .

White report the 2nd round rise in price wind comes

Vise general manager of management center of area of Guangzhou of Su Ning electric equipment considers Wei to affirm to the reporter yesterday, include a pine to fall to wait for brand of a few main foreign capital with Yilaikesi rise in price the plan already sold a make known to lower levels to chain. Gu Wei points out, current evidence looks, other company still is in mostly wait-and-see, but in 51 around, continue to be able to the brand undertakes adjustment to the price, implement new price plan in succession.

According to reporter understanding, take the lead in from Xi Menzi after threaten rises in price, the brand such as sea Er follows heel to enter, price of white home appliance rises in price pressure is not little, although other manufacturer did not adjust the price considerably, but for cut cost, selling an all sorts of medium sales promotion methods to decrease greatly. Go up this again tone price, the analysis considers as cost pressure to cause.

Beautiful division force of short duration is not had rise in price plan

From already carried out the brand that rise in price to look, it is foreign capital brand mostly, of the force of bibcock company division of domestic white home appliance and beauty still have no a movement in this respect. Fu Wenping of minister of department of market of Guangzhou of division force air conditioning discloses to our newspaper reporter, guangzhou division force can ensure for certain the stability of price of air conditioning of force of Guangzhou district squares formed by crossed lines, after making this kind of commitment, won't change casually. Division force respect says, division power electric equipment shares 7000 brand shop in the whole nation, many oneself channel formed division power electric equipment solid " cent sells a system " , make cost decreases greatly among content shedding, "Enterprise interior digests cost to have rise pressure " won't be an empty talk.

The facilities of home of air conditioning of family expenses of domestic sale company of the United States Hua Na of ministry sale in domestic market piece Yao Yinfeng also affirms area chief inspector, the beautiful plan that did not rise in price at present, yao Yinfeng says, because the beautiful layout that waits for upriver industry catenary in compressor and electric machinery is relatively perfect, cost control capability is stronger, raw material rises in price to the United States the impact is not big also.
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