Sale of before kind brook home appliance 3 months amounts to 16 billion yuan

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Recently, limited company of electric equipment of palace of kind brook winter transmits a message, this company " wintry palace " brand is maintained to be Chinese well-known logo about the branch by the country. So far, enterprise of kind brook home appliance gains 36 China celebrated trade mark in all. As we have learned, appear in an industry so many " country the name " brand, ci Xi is in countrywide county (city) the first of all in the area.

Come nearly 10 years, kind brook home appliance drew the look of the world gradually: Electric iron sales volume takes the whole world 1/3; Water machine take global market " half of country " , volume of production of double container washing machine, export ranks the whole nation the first... this city home appliance has had 10 many throughout the countries the first, the whole world that makes product of 22 home appliance basically produces base. Before this year 3 months, sale of this city home appliance achieves 16 billion yuan, grew 10% compared to the same period.

Course of study of kind brook home appliance is a brand for a time those who manage " blind area " , be forced to be being acted do those who stick a card for company of global everybody phone " part " . In last few years, stick a card to be opposite of industry of kind brook home appliance restrict show increasingly. 2003 around, enterprise of kind brook home appliance begins to the country name brand initiates sprint, was on the way that the brand runs. Come nearly 5 years, industry of this city home appliance throws nearly one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of ability to change capital, build center of innovation of provincial above technology 17, won nearly 9000 patent, enterprise of many 10 home appliance participates in national metric system to decide. "Square too " after research and development gives the 5 antrum drive that has 4 countries to invent patent to light gas cooking stove, home is held to light market of gas cooking stove to sell head of a list of names posted up inside a year, xi Menzi, loose coarse world well-known trademark is cast in back, cause inside the industry great shake.

In the practice that runs in brand of kind brook home appliance, besides build up from nothing found outside well-known trademark, through buying traditional and famous brand, cut a brand to change quickly manage, had become enterprise of kind brook home appliance to come true " beautiful face about " a method. "Hua Yu " whole bought brand of Shanghai famous home appliance " hearts " hind, realized make up the deficits and get surpluses in those days, sales volume already ranked the whole nation nowadays the 2nd. Besides, this city industry still lets " spaceflight " , " sweet Xue Hai " , " department Mitre " the famous old brand that waits to already disappeared from the scene nearly 10 times slowly comes true " Nie 槃 " .
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