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Will begin tomorrow even if the small golden week of the first tomb-sweeping day this year. By a definite date holiday of 3 days whether drive what home appliance consumes to warm up, it is the new opportunity that Shenzhen consumer open up shops, become the topic that home appliance bound pays close attention to.

"As this year of 51 big golden weeks cancel, home appliance consumption shifts to an earlier date accordingly, the shopping concept of consumer also is changed accordingly, the businessman hopes to make new-style golden week, consume tide more closely along with the times, more consumer of press close to lives. " personage of national beautiful market tells a reporter, resemble before holiday is longer, choose of more person selected goes out travel, go against the consumption of this locality commerce instead. Time shortened now, "Everybody does not travel or nearby goes out went, because this more person stays in Shenzhen,have a meal, shop " .

"Although be this year first time golden week, and time has 3 days only, but the businessman still offers enough attention and hope. " the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, "May not of business chance of small golden week inferiors at big golden week. " the sale of 3 days of holiday and 7 days of holiday do not have too big distinction, because quantity of 7 days always erupts inside 3 days afore.

The reporter arrives from big businessman and each production company knowledge, er of TCL, sea, beautiful, the chance force of Olympic Games of have the aid of of loose coarse brand is hit " environmental protection card " , rolled out energy-saving environmental protection and healthy home appliance in succession, if fight quick washing machine, high-definition TV, have intelligence washing machine of water of the air conditioning of clean system, energy-saving freezer, section appear in succession, the concept of consumer preference home appliance also upgrades in the round. In the meantime, the businessman's movement is bigger, shenzhen nation beautiful field expresses to Olympic Games home appliance will begin to exhibit since today, want to perform Olympic Games of a home appliance to Shenzhen citizen ahead of schedule.

Reporter from Shenzhen place company of a few travel understands, the consumer this year because " 51 " have a holiday the influence of day of number plans go on a tour to shift to an earlier date, one part consumer put forward outskirts to travel or be the same as the requirement that the city travels.

Tian Rui of Su Ning general manager tells Shenzhen the reporter, the edge is recorded by the side of travel on the way scenery and enjoy wireless get online the recreational way that makes gens of go on a journey, the market wait for a product to digital camera, DV even jotter had taller buy demand. Sell data according to what Suningdi offers, 3C category sold annulus comparing to grow nearly 50% , among them with muti_function model growth of sale of camera of mobile phone, frivolous fashionable number is most outstanding.
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