Do battle royal of home appliance bazaar " gruel becomes rare soup "

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Trade war is in home appliance domain most begin first, because each do home appliance market greatly at that time,be, outside the home appliance bazaar that waits for a few besides carry of original general merchandise building, China couplet, Zhen Hua, triplex, grand, increased terminal market of home appliance of city of day garden home appliance, 3 stations newly again... still have urban Lin Lin besides always total home appliance small shop.

In profit of industry of general and fabulous home appliance scanty circumstance falls, the area is counted with 1000 square metre plan, invest ten million at every turn yuan, everybody wades " home appliance " water of this bowl of muddy, alleged be " each takes what he needs " .

The fixed position of city of day garden home appliance that increases newly is in " home appliance high-quality goods " on, fixed position of terminal market of 3 stations home appliance is in " home appliance is wholesale " on; Zhen Hua store says frankly: "Do not count on home appliance to make money, basically consider home appliance can help the sale that uses other goods. " however, have when potential of market of home appliance of our city be askinged about how old, the individual home appliance such as such as color television, freezer year demand how many when, do not have a bazaar to be able to give satisfactory answer, although become,the province announced Shandong of year of the beginning of the year consumption of Yantai home appliance ranks information of complete province tertiary.

By ambiguous impression, spellbound mount a horse, bring the bewilderment on fixed position necessarily. Fixed position of terminal market of 3 stations home appliance is in " home appliance is wholesale " on, try to occupy 3 stations the petty gain of giant customer discharge, however, the economic hinterland of Yantai is too small, most radiate is taken with power sea to city of Lai this world, Lai, all along with retail give priority to, so a large amount of approving who to send? Fixed position of city of day garden home appliance is in " home appliance high-quality goods " on, arrive from practice close to let a person do not look to go out to be compared after all with other market phase however " essence of life " in where? As to Zhen Hua no more than of bazaar of store home appliance is repeating the pattern of mansion of Zhen Hua business.

This kind of repetition that is the same as a level competes, benefit how Huang of for the moment is talked, the abuse that cause however clearly. Above all, pull move new great war of round of price. The place before be like is narrated, home appliance gain is already so meager that home appliance gain have pity on, groups big go up at the same place home appliance, inevitable aggravate consumes billabong. Hold finite market share to squeeze, no more than of each the most effective and groovy weapon that shines in succession still depreciates eagerly, at that time economic big condition falls, play this to plant " Shuang Renjian " the result is afraid is " homicide 10 thousand, self-wounding 3000 " . Groups big vigour is hurt greatly, get tired of maintain an order, talk why to develop? Market cannot grow, prop up constrainedly, escape hard finally " close " adversity. The mainest is, devoted by tens of thousands capital was hit " water floats " , economy of immediate impact place grows.
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