Home appliance price is not to go up 3 big sale urge hot market

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Weather turns warm, new big fight of round home appliance sale also has warmed up. Cudgel one's brains for of manufacturer, businessman, in the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh on style, function, hit in succession " assorted fist " , strive occupational more markets. The reporter visited a capital many home appliance sell a discovery, concept of innovation of a lot of sale, had won customer approbate.

The style designs innovation

Artistic household becomes the mainstream

Current white home appliance already not only the home appliance function that has traditional sense to go up, just live in the main component in adornment via was being become. Fashionable and beautiful shell became a lot of consumer to buy the important jumping-off place of electric home appliances The reporter visits each everybody report to sell chain store to discover, a lot of home appliance are tasted newly already slam the door former and onefold style, rolled out the design of a lot of fashionable individual character, LG company rolls out recently " fill Tang Wen " series is among them delegate. According to the staff member introduction of LG, LG is on home appliance face plate the design of scale " fill Tang Wen " , it is Korea the work that a famous artist cost very great painstaking care to make, the style is pure and fresh and contracted, and the inlaid in leaf uses strange crystal of world of China the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces was to illume more the inspiration that white home appliance becomes artistic household. The reporter covered a few customers randomly, they are right " fill Tang Wen " series is very interested, if,express in succession " fill Tang Wen " series is placed in the home, can reflect the class of household very much.

SamSung home appliance also rolled out similar design, the reporter sees them " butterfly love Hua Yun " , " high-ranked imperial concubine grain " series is the eyeball that deprive a person likewise. State-owned brand also is unwilling person likewise hind, ge Lanshi rolls out " Chinese bamboo " and " red wintersweet leaves " series, have Chinese distinguishing feature very much, according to salesperson introduction of Ge Lanshi, these two although just appeared on the market before long, but sell best, a lot of clients are developing Chinese bamboo to come namely.

Functional technology innovates

Healthy environmental protection suffers chase after hold in both hands

Delicate life cannot leave the people pursuit to detail. People must face dirt in the life, its meeting produces a lot of adverse effects to our health. Be in more and more go after life quality today, the lifestyle that advocates a kind of health can gain the favour of consumer necessarily. Shrewd businessman is early discovered this, the has vapour to divide dirt function washing machine that LG rolls out, use high temperature of 95 degrees of steam to exterminate the mite among dirt namely, and the animal is scurfy wait for the particle that affects people health, replaced the sunshine with commonly used people to insolate thereby the old method that exterminates a bacterium, the save labour when the province. According to the staff member introduction of LG, washing machine of this kind of vapour still can rise to use vapour to knit, the effect that removes flavour.
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