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Because the product of small home appliance of animal about has the possibility that is considered as a toy by accident by children, courtyard of Korea technology standard recently already to current job person the requirement that puts forward to stop to sell and be imported with custom, spread out ban through relevant association at the same time. This action will affect Ning Bo to make an appointment with product of many yuan of 5000 home appliance is defeated by Han.

As we have learned, standard courtyard is in Korea technology early to issued clear regulation in December 2006, "The style that exterior of electric equipment things does not allow make it to make children mistake is a toy easily " . According to Korea concerned respect says, the small home appliance that still has partial deregulation at present is sold with discount store on the net, but this part product gets attestation before 2006.

In recent years, the small home appliance of animal about confuses you because of bulk, colour gorgeous, design is original and make product of sell like hot cakes, many humidifier, cleaner, coddle implement, the small home appliance such as horological, juicer make it the animal appearance such as dog, cat, elephant, accept favour fully in the market. The small home appliance that peaceful wave area is completely state-owned name produces base, exported total value to exceed the animal model small home appliance of 2.2 billion dollar in all 2007, basically lose the country such as area of past European Union, United States, Japan, middle east and Han, Russia, country of its Sino-South Korean has 53 million dollar about. Examine quarantine branch reminds enterprise of small home appliance this measure height to Korea is vigilant, do not want what go after appearance of small home appliance blindly to go up to sell a site, and the rationality that should pay close attention to a design on new product development more and security.

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