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The electric home appliances Complain:

It is difficult that home appliance gives problem after service

Citizen poplar gentleman is complained say, he bought washing machine of a brand in some bazaar 5 years ago, appeared now quality problem, can dial after service telephone when him when, be informed however after service is nodded already cancel. When he will to this bazaar seek advice, the staff member tells him to say, this brand washing machine has removed ark. But under, he is forced to dial 12315 undertake complaining.

Before citizen cropland lady paragraph time flower bought a stage 1580 yuan to light gas water heater. Open discovery of the ability that pack to did not offer certificate of approval, and trashy how long to appear to burn the issue inside gas a powerful person. Cropland lady asks to return money, the businessman does not grant to accept however.

The VCD of Ms. Chen gave the citizen after the problem, for graph save trouble, the home appliance that found person of the one family property inside the village to leave maintains a ministry to repair, maintenance technician mouth is about 80 yuan. The following day, after resumptive VCD puts Ms. Chen into disc, discovery machine child do not read the problem of dish or did not solve. Find maintenance department when her, maintenance technician insists VCD to had fostered cordial relations between states readily, it is her the operation is undeserved cause. If maintain, still need to hand in 80 yuan. Because do not have bill and proof, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry does not grant to accept, ms. Chen can eat be unable to speak out about one's grievances only.


System of home appliance maintenance is not perfect

The reporter contacted Mr Yang to buy the market of washing machine, the staff member states they had understood a situation. Current, the after service that can think method and other trademark only nods connection, look whether washing machine of foster cordial relations between countries.
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