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The RMB appreciates, production cost rises is explicit activator only actually, building what react into genuine chemistry is industry interior. Each does things in his own way between this enterprise, when lack is superintended and industry face of self-discipline is changing external unusually flimsy, it is moment held a group in the arms to warm oneself.

RMB add dollar is without ground of be concerned about to drop broken " 7 " close greatly, whether to become the sword that is hanged on home appliance exit really?

Apodeictic, the RMB appreciates exert mouth cost rose to be become, promulgate plus new labor law, the element such as global inflation, business of thousands of export closes down overnight, all extroversion enterprise does not wish to see this.

Nevertheless, following dress, toy, electron to assemble those who wait for an industry to differ is, course of study of Chinese home appliance should not be in harsh macroscopical environment lose global speech to counterpoise. Although second borrow the crisis to taste the market to produce clear impact to fast consumable, investment, but consumable of durable to the family such as home appliance sex, requisite will tell, squeeze an effect and not quite apparent, price elasticity is lesser also, need not fear consumer bears too much ability creates the market not quite excessive atrophy. Demand of world of meeting home appliance casts industry of Japanese electric machinery committee releases a report to say, demand of market of global home appliance increases stability before 2010.

More important is, chinese home appliance makes the competition ability of short duration in the whole world not have but shake. Have 860 million yuan industry only from an instability, annual produce, development arrives annual produce is close today 500 billion yuan, rank world tertiary home appliance to produce big country. And home appliance already belonged to industry of the setting sun in day, beautiful and other places, world home appliance makes centre of gravity be being transferred to China. Annual the production business that market of nearly -727379968 yuan Chinese home appliance attracted world each district has investment and production to China, be sold in China or export the whole world, had hit likewise " China is made " label. The whole world exceeds the home appliance product of 1/3 to be made by China, china produced global color television medium 50% , of the mobile phone 50% , 70% of air conditioning, microwave oven is adjacent 100% .

Of course, because make cost,we must ignore and other places of Vietnam, Thailand low the encouragement that reachs local government, slowly nibble our a few order. But the industrial catenary of these areas and dimensions still immature, wait for its to sufficient capacity and we cry board when, our industry may have risen a few sub.
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