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Sai Di data shows, dimensions of market of Chinese small home appliance was close to 100 billion yuan 2007, grew 13.9% 2006 compared to the same period, predict to be able to break through 150 billion yuan 2010. In category of each small home appliance, hutch defends kind of small home appliance to hold a lion's share, 78% what hold sale of market of integral small home appliance, after living in kind of small home appliance to tighten therewith. Enormous market size and the covet that are as high as 15% to had caused old brand to the profit space of 30% . The personage inside course of study points out, industry of small home appliance shuffles shortly.

Sortie of manufacturer of multichannel home appliance

As we have learned, of product of Euramerican household small home appliance door all have a quantity to be 37, and China has 3 only, 4, economy relatively the city that develop also does not exceed 10, of rural market small home appliance gain ground to just start. Will tell from this angle, the profit space of the potential market size with small so enormous home appliance and high specified number attracted business of each domestic home appliance product line outspread to domain of small home appliance. Tycoon of domestic big home appliance, manufacturer of professional small home appliance and a less known and inferior brand " screwdriver factory " the intense contention that aiming at this pail of gold to beginning different position. In the meantime, foreign capital brand also is passed buy joint-stock wait for means, encircle the ground in Chinese horse race further.

Market competition aggravate

Recently, while enterprise of big home appliance enters market of small home appliance, enterprise of small home appliance also is produced in rapid dilate can, enlarge product range, market competition is in apparently gradually aggravate. 2007, export those who withdraw tax rate to reduce, the RMB appreciates, raw material rises in price waited for an element to bring about profit of industry of whole small home appliance to glide, make compete originally intense market survives the environment is more harsh. The upsurge that buys a house this year is start of business of small home appliance new channel, a lot of enterprises deliver the view to supermarket of large building materials, extend a building actively dish the user of of all kinds group such as project, village project. In the meantime, of translation of digital TV whole and 3 nets confluence change quickly, raised small home appliance to shop to sell share mediumly in TV or network.

The industry shuffles shortly

According to not complete count, at present company of product of small home appliance amounts to 349, but truly dimensions enterprise is not worth 339, the market of before 5 brands has rate the sum to be less than 30% . Suffer actual strength of enterprise dimensions, capital, technology to accumulate the limitation that waits for a respect, most enterprise still does not have core technology, the product is coessential change serious, can say, industry of small home appliance still is in a kind of brand much and not strong, desultorily primary market position. Accordingly, "Superior bad discard " iron rule will surely be among enterprise of small home appliance make choice, industry of small home appliance or reshuffle, a lot of enterprises will be changed by the brim, the brand centers degree of meeting to rise ceaselessly. As a result of include of industry of life electric equipment numerous product category, include kitchen small home appliance, home to reside small home appliance and individual to nurse small home appliance, have a brand hardly can reach every aspect of a matter, then, brand basis oneself strong point, each defend one party position.
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