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Exchange rate of RMB add dollar is historic " broken 7 " , exit of product of home appliance of your our country is affected badly again. Each category such as color television, freezer, air conditioning, small home appliance has different level effect, among them the small home appliance that gives priority to with exit suffers concussion the biggest. "The RMB appreciates those who bring is systematic risk, every industry keeps away from impossibly, we can be answered actively only. " yesterday (8 years on April 11) , TCL multimedia controller expresses, to color television exit

Affirmative meeting brings adverse effect. Nevertheless, the enterprise already built base of many overseas production in European Union and Australia and other places in last few years, the exit of many factories with dollar valuation, accordingly the influence is reduced greatly.

In addition, use forward exchange rate, show the company wants to experience the time of a few months to settle accounts from delivery namely, the forward exchange rate after the enterprise can use a few months will quote, the avoid risk of such OK also and certain level. Kang Jia, achieve the enterprise such as dimension, long rainbow to also express in succession, pass abroad the influence that builds a factory to reduce a RMB to appreciate.

And to air conditioning industry character, because China has the whole world the 7 yield that become above can, price capability is very strong. "In recent years air conditioning exports the price to had been increased continuously, alleviated on certain level the RMB appreciates the influence to exit. " Feng Bin showed general manager of company of Chun Lan imports and exports yesterday, predict wide this year hand in price of meeting air conditioning to still can rise.

In addition, the law of the broken solution that appreciates to the RMB serves as in white report, enterprise of our country home appliance does not have the high end in rising exceptionally to be opposite, especially the exit of high-end product is occupied than.

But, the RMB appreciates in making low end water heater loses price competition ability, make export amount to be reduced considerably thereby, "From last year second half of the year begins, whole of forehead of water heater exit dropped 4 into, " the personage inside course of study tells a reporter.

While the volume drops, export gain also is challenged. Raw material rises in price, labor cost raises to already let home appliance produce an enterprise to be able to 't bear heavy burden originally, and of the RMB appreciate to make home appliance exit profitless. As we have learned, a lot of water heater small companies that give priority to in order to export " do not boil " close down in succession or transition, only the enterprise of small-sized water heater that suitable heart dies nearly two years has ten.
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