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Although development of hutch cable market is rapid, but compare with the photograph of big home appliance such as freezer, air conditioning, washing machine, did not form the situation of market of majority of a few forestall. It is with air conditioning exemple, 2007 refrigerant year (in August 2006 ~ in July 2007) , before air conditioning 10 market share had been occupied close most probably.

In the antagonism of brand of report of hutch of China and foreign countries, although card of home made product is gotten the better of a bit one prepare, however battle royal of hutch cable market is serious still, did not form the structure of brand of type of a flight of stairs of a maturity, shuai Kang, square too, boss, China emperor, 10 thousand with the first a group of people of same interest that waits for composition, rise with a large number of heroes the 2nd, the market structure that 3 a group of people of same interest coexist still can hold certain period. Brand of whole of hutch cable market spends on the low side centrally, before a few advantage is not particularly apparent. At present the brand of product of report of hutch of small sortie of domestic large volume does not issue 400, but year sales volume is in of 100 thousand above be less than 20, sales volume achieves 3 million be less than 10.

2007 is hutch cable market a year when produce heavy revolution, one this year enterprise of big home appliance enters hutch report field with great quantity. At the beginning of July 2007, long rainbow already announced external, the company expands endowment build year of productivity to exceed 3 million, the hutch of professional long rainbow that the hutch such as ark of machine of cigarette of production oil absorption of main research and development, kitchen burning gas, disinfection, bath bully protects product of electric equipment and integral kitchen form a complete set protects industrial base successful already go into operation, this is indicating long rainbow is already formal and comprehensive march domestic hutch defends the market. September 2007, company of the company of kitchen electric equipment of subordinate of beautiful group of daily expense home appliance, the electric equipment that defend bath is amalgamative hold water " integral hutch defends career department " . The beautiful big movement with long rainbow, be paid close attention to by industry height, also initiated home appliance trade " have a hand in " of hutch cable market new round of climax. Before the powerful actual strength of the respect such as capital of home appliance tycoon, technology, channel, the competition of hutch cable industry will be sent more intense. Zhejiang Ning Boying of tycoon of old brand of another hutch report is strange, also nip is had the honor to win " Chinese well-known logo " and " Shanghai 10 old brands " prestige, defend ambry and hutch an organic whole of electric equipment conformity, make the integral kitchen culture with strange cherry.
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