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Let the office have " " sweet

Go up in view of general of urban snack price, the near future appeared in the office of a lot of companies very significant one act -- , a lot of people bring lunch oneself, arrived meal dot, need microwave oven only in " bite " , lunch was solved. One swarm person queues up to wait heat meal, also make the particular view in the office accordingly.

Actually, of very much now modernization

Anteroom of the person that have boiled water occasional is deployed in the office. Be in foreign capital enterprise especially, between boiled water in all ready of all sorts of all of it may be said of small home appliance, of You Yixi type be in the majority. Arrive from microwave oven coffee machine, in arrive from bread machine electric jug, it is juicer even, by no means an isolated case. Between little boiled water, the space that since rests, also be the space that work in the same placing communicate. Make full use of these office home appliance, can let the office completely be full of " " warmth...

Do not have lampblack " kitchen "

The action between the boiled water of the office rests namely originally use. The reporter has visited the boiled water in all sorts of type offices, install not greatly between some boiled water, but " although spadger is small, but completely of the five internal organs " , everything needed is ready of some this small home appliance; Some is decorated chicly all the more, decorate atmosphere photograph to coordinate with the whole of the office especially, the office of enterprise of a lot of foreign capital especially such. Compare with the kitchen photograph in the home, actually the action between boiled water can think to be equal almost at " kitchen " .

But the kitchen in the home still is not between boiled water after all. The lunch tape that brings oneself when a lot of people arrives between office boiled water when, this temporarily " kitchen " cannot risk lampblack. This to the office character, it is very important. From this, western-style home appliance became the dominant between boiled water. Especially microwave oven, became it seems that " kitchen " leading role. The meal that every employee brings, want those who pass it to heat, make a beautiful food. Current, the look of things of Ge Lanshi of microwave oven market, beautiful two old brands is powerful. Below the background that takes high end to change in entire this year industry, microwave oven also began high-end step. Respect of case orchid be an official has expressed, roll out the microwave oven of single function no longer, replace, it is with " China is red " be a delegate hold an evaporate concurrently, boil, bake etc all-round product. Beautiful microwave oven also increased the proportion of high-end product. The product with relatively overall function, promoted " office kitchen " ability. Undertake allocating according to simple menu, make pushbutton be pressed, eat showed a beauty that does not have lampblack very quickly to come out now. In busy job, can enjoy delicate meal, be a kind of high quality life really reflect.
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