Why does maintenance of small home appliance take community hard?

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The big home appliance in the home is bad, the engage by special arrangement that dwellers know to want to look for commodity maintains a ministry. If the small home appliance such as electric meal Bao, radio became bad, that resident should search to repair? Before paragraph time, a of smooth river area " community service current situation and dweller demand " findings shows, home appliance maintenance became community dweller to serve the item with demand top expectation, rate was to achieve more 88.5% . It is smooth river area not just actually, the dweller of a lot of community also has similar trouble. Why does maintenance of small home appliance take community so hard?

It is difficult to maintain small home appliance to have a place really

Before two days, live in Mr Zhang south the city a bit irritated, the reason was to accompany him old radio became bad. This falls, the law is done not have to hear news when he takes exercise in the morning everyday. He turns inside new residential quarter, still hold a person in the palm to make visit everywhere, the home appliance that still can fail to had been found maintains a ministry. Yesterday, he takes this radio to a home appliance with larger scale to maintain a ministry again. The member that maintain is taking a radio to look, how to also check, dismissed him, "Undeserved repaired, still buy new. "

A staff member of branch of civil administration of smooth river area tells a reporter, before them paragraph time is belonged to in place when community has relevant investigation, a few dwellers expressed similar annoyance to them. Still a few dwellers say, some maintain inn " very black heart " , and they also do not understand. To can foster cordial relations between states small home appliance, they can be borne only bore.

The businessman feels gain is too small

Can maintenance of dweller longing small home appliance leave into community? But look around a few community, such maintenance division is very few however, why to meet such?

"About a hundred a small hair dryer is expensive yuan, cheap ability a few yuan, and if receive ten yuan only,maintenance rises, take time arduous. " a chapter master that management home appliance maintains says frankly, if come up against the small home appliance of old model, spare parts little value should close naturally some taller, consumer is not willing again, the person that so we maintain also is not willing to maintain. "Because maintain trade to us inside for, maintaining small home appliance to be equal to actually is to sustain losses in business earn cry out, the price of itself of the fittings below the situation that the part compounds very hard is very high, earn even artificial fee sometimes do not answer. " chapter master says, maintenance gain is very small, if open store into community, wait plus brushstroke berth cost, calculate will calculate go still be inferior to resembling now such, the maintenance store with a medium dimensions opens in a bit nicer a sector of an area.
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