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Aimeite: Establishing a brand also is core of company of small home appliance

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March 2008, manufacturer of ventilated report appliance is different from the biggest to Chinese home housekeeping money Aimeite general. Enterprise of Ai Mei spy sees the New Year in again after a certain number of honor monument, its Aimeite brand by the country industrial and commercial total bureau is maintained formally already for " Chinese well-known logo " . In the meantime, this more the mark is worn Aimeite builds a respect to be stridden again in the brand epochal. "Obtain ' Chinese well-known logo ' honorary, it is a country undoubtedly the affirmation to strategy of brand of Ai Mei spy, to person of 10 years of several Ai Mei spy unremitting enters what peddling bid protection works to approbate with praise and honor. " assistant president of electric equipment of Ai Mei spy Mr Cai Zhengfu thinks.

Establish brand consciousness, win in start

Refer moxa beauty is special not easy " Chinese well-known logo " title, mr Cai Zhengfu sighs with emotion extremely: "Brand is the core of the brand, also be the component with company the mainest intellectual property. Want to make the brand that has competition ability and brand, must portray unique brand individual character and brand individual character. But should accomplish this, distance is very long however. Must register in brand, value promotes and protective mechanism makes sufficient effort on each link. These, aimeite gave since the day that hold water enough take seriously. Aimeite gave since the day that hold water enough take seriously..

Cai Zhengfu of assistant president of electric equipment of Ai Mei spy

Cai Zhengfu of assistant president of electric equipment of Ai Mei spy

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According to author understanding, at the beginning of Aimeite is founding, march successfully with form of OEM, ODM above all the whole world asks to designing character top European market. Cooperate through as well-known as the world trademark, build powerful international market quickly. This own brand for Aimeite and brand construction provided capital and sufficient experience.

Aimeite began the design, trademark that name and registers his 1993 -- " Aimeite " (AIRMATE) . Mr Cai tells: "Person of Ai Mei spy should use this label, deliver us to have deep love for the life, product ideal that goes after innovation of perfect, aspire and humanitarian pursuit to common people. " at the same time, they gift the individual character with extreme brand, communicate Aimeite to take the consciousness that industry designs seriously highly, then put forward " world high-quality goods, super- you think " brand catchword, will make China the objective that brand of the first delicate small home appliance pursues from beginning to end as Aimeite.
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