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Maintenance of all home appliance serves Su Ning electric equipment plain code m

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Maintain the appearance of market good and evil people mixed up in the light of home appliance, dongguan Su Ning will maintain a service to undertake withing the price clearly marked marking a price to all home appliance. Reporter yesterday (on April 23, 2007) from Dongguan Su Ning learns, regard 3 years of celebration as one of mobile grand operas, should sell field general to take the lead in starting home appliance maintenance to serve satisfactory project inside the industry, to all home appliance maintenance serves a project to give plain code marks a price, execute clear consumption thereby and aid push whole industry standard to develop.

The reporter visits the discovery after service industry of Dongguan home appliance, have about most probably the practitioner of home appliance service of above all is privately owned individual, and chain of partial big home appliance will maintain the bag outside the service, the confused appearance with bade very not transparent case presents on whole. Be like " come to service home appliance product 20 yuan rise " it is the inviting shop sign that many maintenance shop make, but 20 yuan are in in real operation is service fee only, lengthen of conduit of other air conditioning, change spare parts all need an user from dig down, have more very person weighing 20 yuan is to come only charge, these all without exception let an user have affliction talk. Relevant statistic also shows, in home appliance consumption service of the maintenance in complaining is complained more be as high as 7 to become.

"Below the big environment with relatively at present troubled market of home appliance maintenance, resolution of accurate land of very hard choice gives customer what is what blame, accordingly whole market approach needs to upgrade " , ministry of after service of Dongguan Su Ning expresses so about chief. According to Dongguan general manager Zhu Yahui discloses Su Ning, be aimed at the market this one current situation, during should selling field general to be in 3 years, at starting home appliance inside course of study on the weekend originally maintenance serves satisfactory project, "At present personnel of about a hundred after service already got ready wait for hair. " he expresses, dongguan Su Ning will be in during the activity maintenance of category of each home appliance serves paste of all service site collect fees project and price detail, and service personnel also will be carried " the service supervises card " those who accept customer supervise, with period maintenance of implementation home appliance consumes vitrification.

Concern the personage inside course of study to think to this, after moving toward trend of maturity and product quality to stabilize as industry of domestic home appliance, customer already changed soft product to after service to the attention focus of home appliance, this also is the inevitable trend that domestic home appliance consumes. Because of chain of this large home appliance enterprise consciousness executes service plain code to mark a price, will drive industry of Dongguan home appliance to serve normative development.
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