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"The country is beautiful " will raise storm of piece of price of home appliance

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On April 26, branch of Zhang Jia mouth is in beauty of country of Tangshan roc embellish inn of Dong Xin of inn of first of piece of members of a family straight battalion does business formally. The personage inside course of study thinks, this action will lift piece of city home appliance the sale is new round of market contends for battle.

Beauty of roc embellish country expresses about chief, show according to market research, city of Zhang Jia mouth regards Ji Bei as town of military importance, home appliance market has not gotten be developinged adequately, and value of only market of a few home appliance wants generally than provincial and other city tall. "The country is beautiful " this garrison piece of city, will turn round market of piece of city home appliance to sell a situation with absolutely low case, bring a revolution to retail trade of this ground home appliance.

This controller still expresses, "The country is beautiful " changing original competition order while, as will collective as other person of the same trade the market does piece of city home appliance greatly strong, common people of city giving mountain brings real material benefit.

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