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Chongqing: Heavy 100, firm electric equipment is gotten run 51 golden weeks

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51 golden weeks are adjusted by 7 original days this year for 3 days, the adjustment on time, no matter be habit of businessman sales promotion, still be consumer buys a habit to will bring a change. Firm group electric equipment board piece subordinate firm, heavy 100 electric equipment roll out mode of brand-new sales promotion of 51 golden weeks in the round since this day: Sales promotion activity begins from April 26, concentration puts in before resource of 7 days; Air conditioning, ice is washed wait for white report product to start storm of energy-saving general benefit ahead of schedule; Comply with consumptive habit to buy average to be thrown mainly all right to the formula, simplify sales promotion is comprehensive the price falls continuously extruding price moisture.

From firm group electric equipment board piece early days is undertaking " new 51 holiday " consumer buys all along of home appliance meaning to look, nearly 6 shop in 3 days of 51 holiday into consumer preference, these 3 days of concentration that also will be a sale erupt period. Accordingly firm, heavy 100 electric equipment will choose to come since April 29 resource puts in in the round during May 5, let more consumer enjoy benefit of home appliance general in the holiday.

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