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"51 " will shift to an earlier date to sales promotion of the home appliance on

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"51 " will come, sales promotion of the home appliance on Shanghai shifts to an earlier date battle, the much home home appliance such as beautiful, Su Ning sells the country the liquid crystal TV of field fall amount to two to 3 into, but pure low sale already satisfied client requirement hard.

"51 " the busy season that all through the ages is businessman sales promotion, this year as a result of " 51 " holiday shortens, home appliance of Shanghai much home sells choose to be in this in succession double cease day starts sales promotion ahead of schedule. Reporter v/arc be on the throne sees at the Su Ning electric equipment of Zhongshan park, for business chance of race to control, the controller of air conditioning branch also personally sales promotion of go into battle.

In fact, the favourable strength of air conditioning of 51 sales promotion is not great this year, nevertheless, because weather is heated up gradually, air conditioning is sold still fiery, product of energy-saving environmental protection becomes dominant gradually.

Manufacturer is done not have to air conditioning apparent considerably sales promotion activity, now the client also is not to want blindly low sale, sold many 100 air conditioning today, air conditioning of frequency conversion environmental protection holds the share of 40% near.

Liquid crystal TV is the main force of this 51 sales promotion, reporter in the country beautiful inn length peace sees each brand has generally bigger fall, salesperson of Xia Pu says, depreciate a few model with the biggest range, than spending the New Year the minimum price when is returned low arrive two into.

Nevertheless, to the businessman considerably sales promotion, the client is when consumption more hasten reason, saying in the client gold young lady of TV of choose and buy: If the thing is really good, I can increase a budget appropriately, basically see thing character most, after service values completely, the law is done not have to compare if your sheet is compared from the price.

The personage inside course of study thinks, start sales volume of blowout of sales promotion, smooth booth ahead of schedule, avoid excessive gather together phenomenon, it is one of marks with home appliance mature with each passing day retail trade. In the meantime, pure Brightness, end still can be popularized after the mode of sales promotion of this 513 days of holiday 3 folk-custom holiday is midday, medium mid-autumn go, make cycle of home appliance sales promotion distributings more average, more rational, let consumer annual can enjoy privilege.

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