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After Spring Festival of in former years passes, home appliance industry is entered " period of rest and reorganization " , begin to arrange the sales promotion of 51 golden weeks at the same time. The country is legal 2008 of holiday new regulation come on stage, changed the notion that the holiday grows to the golden week before in people heart, 51 no longer " 7 days happy " , those who replace is the traditional festival such as midday of Pure Brightness, end becomes 3 days of holiday. The adjustment of holiday is returned to manufacturer is a businessman for, certainly will causes certain effect, this one change also is sure to cause new round holiday economy. And with respect to consumer individual, bring recreational means and the new change that consume kind possibly also.

Course of study of home appliance of 3 big inducement grabs booth small long holiday

The country is legal of holiday new regulation before coming on stage, home appliance industry never has go up to leave a literary works greatly with the tomb-sweeping day that pack in the plan, basically be to cannot find appropriate topic. This year, after new holiday is adjusted, tomb-sweeping day becomes the first after the Spring Festival passes small long holiday, the look that the businessman pays close attention to is centered to this weekend at a draught. Manufacturer of numerous home appliance aims at tomb-sweeping day together the consumptive potential of small long holiday is in reason.

Above all, "51 " of 7 days of holiday cancel, make a lot of consumer long-distance the plan of travel also undertook be adjustmented accordingly. Tomb-sweeping day 3 days of holiday, go for a walk in the country in spring, shop wait for short distance to give guild to be arranged in a travel of a lot of people in, the generation of this one new requirement, sell to the communication, number, computer flourishing that consumes kind of electron product having not little effect.

The 2nd, want to drive an Olympic Games this year year marrier number soars, and marriage celebrate, the electric equipment related domestic outfit consumes demand also twice grows, this is very rare business opportunity. To this, the author thinks: Predicted to be able to appear 2008 marry height, many youths choose to be in Olympic Games year get married, and marriage celebrate home appliance consumption to hold market share nearly 3 into.

The 3rd, it is home appliance rises in price cry is long already, the afraid meeting that consumer rises in price to home appliance makes them purchase electric equipment the plan to shift to an earlier date, undertake in the 51 holidays before large-scale purchase.

To this, the author thinks: Holiday is adjusted those who mean new spending habit is fluctuant, fluctuant have business chance. "Small long holiday " appear for the first time this year, no matter businessman or consumer need to get used to a process, sales promotion act of the businessman remains to pass this year " try water " hind, sum up experience and improve.
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