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In buying work station of furnace of electromagnetism of card of Su Bo Er newly

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"The businessman is responsible to consumer, ability establishs good figure. " recently, taking the heat of electromagnetism of Su Bo Er that just had changed, mr Zhang showed smile.

Before before long, mr Zhang that works in Pu courtyard went to supermarket of China couplet of Pu courtyard Shanghai to buy oven of electromagnetism of card of Er of a Su Bo. And when he cooks last week, electromagnetism furnace work station is out of order unexpectedly. "The famous brand product of big supermarket how so easy bad? " that evening, mr Zhang finds a supermarket, the demand replaces new, but the supermarket considers as his the operation undeserved cause. Then Mr Zhang is carrying electromagnetism furnace to come to Pu courtyard industrial and commercial place denounces a view. The staff member contacts supermarket of Shanghai China couplet, when furnace of electromagnetism of supermarket controller field work, electromagnetism furnace revived like the miracle unexpectedly. But Mr Zhang still is not at ease, requirement supermarket changes a table new, through mediation, the supermarket agrees to change a brand-new electromagnetism furnace for Mr Zhang, explained to use a method to its in detail.

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