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Xinjiang: Department of home appliance maintenance is divulged because of oxygen

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Beijing time was controlled at 14 o'clock on April 27 midday, examine cloth checks Du Lin of county of autonomous county of Er Xi Bai to do obeisance to a street east the " east home appliance of one alley maintains ministry " to produce explosion suddenly, the accident was brought about include merchant Peng Mou inside 3 people are injured.

After explosive happening, town police station blocked quickly the spot. The person that around masses helps will be hurt in time sends into prefectural hospital to have treatment. This county public security, leader that brings the section such as check is in hurry to trouble spot to know risk of platoon of circumstance, direct for a short while. Guard against enemy agents of disappear of peaceful city of Yi of bureau of state fire control is diligent squadron is received after calling the police dispatch quickly also fire control officers and soldiers comes round to come to help.

In discharging danger process, inside the house that fire control officers and soldiers disregards danger a few times to give birth to explosion to set out, will inside 4 when contain full oxygen gas canister grab carry to come out, shut in time among them one still is in the valve that divulges oxygen. Subsequently, after dump of electric power employee, fire control officers and soldiers drops in temperature to the long gush water inside house, with the hidden danger with potential comb-out.

See in spot reporter, book of a wolf inside the building after explosion, largely housetop is lifted, the door window of the another maintenance department photograph adjacent and bar glass shake get the blast that explosive place produces smash.

Check via reconnaissance of spot of this county police, because merchant Peng Mou violates compasses general oxygen to load gas coal tub,the account that produces explosion is in, know perfectly well the conduit that carries oxygen to be put in flat danger and still using welding torch, led to this finally to have an accident.

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