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Electromagnetism furnace industry appeals national level as soon as possible com

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According to the report, at present electromagnetism furnace industry is put extensively in power input “ with small the sham phenomenon that fills big ” , a few brands hit the power of 1800~2000W to sell with the furnace of low power electromagnetism of actual 1300~1400W, the electromagnetism furnace of this kind of low power produces cost to be in 90 yuan or so about, its product is in 3, 4 class market is had rate be as high as 80% above unexpectedly, and in one, 2 class market also is had 20% of the left and right sides have rate, attaint is led inside a year exceed 50% on average.

Electromagnetism furnace industry is returned in our country is a burgeoning industry, in recent years development is very swift and violent. The expert is forecasted, gross of throughout the country of electromagnetism furnace market can amount to 40 million about this year, and the data that national statistic bureau provides makes clear, future inside 5 years, potential of electromagnetism furnace market will achieve 70 million ~ 80 million, annual with 60% ~ the amplitude high speed of 70% grows, market size will can achieve 100 million yuan hundreds.

The occurrence of burgeoning industry is accompanying rich and generous profit more, electromagnetism furnace is same not exceptional also. Cake of so big a market, natural meeting draws countless enterprises scramble for sth, want to share from which a cup of a thick soup. In fact, occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, electromagnetism furnace brand has 3000 many, professional old brand has a few only, those who remain is a less known and inferior brand completely, its price is in more 100 ~ 200 yuan between, held electromagnetism heat major market.

The brand is overmuch, the market crosses excessive necessarily, false and inferior product gets a change to step in necessarily. The immediate consequence that 3000 many brands bring electromagnetism furnace is good and evil people mixed up, in the market of fight hand-in-hand intense struggle is killed in, collective is entered coessential the lair that spends competition.

Product of a less known and inferior brand is in 3, predominate of 4 class market, everybody is indifferent to a brand. And should obtain vivosphere, significant step is price war, final evolution is with small fill big, shoddy. Factory of factory of small plant, a less known and inferior brand, Luo silk knife can find his vivosphere, among them nature is little not the sham product that does not have manufacturing licence. The result that a less known and inferior brand runs amuck, bring about false and inferior product to occupy 3, 4 class market 80% above, the average attaint rate inside a year exceeds 50% .

Why can you appear the situation that such disorder can'ts bear? Above all, electromagnetism furnace industry serves as rising market, content of science and technology is not very tall, admittance doorsill relatively inferior, natural meeting draws the countless capital that pursue interest to be in in the center investment profits. But this idea that is a problem, perhaps say the factor that is secondary, mainer be afraid still depend on electromagnetism furnace of relative standard be short of break. What Xie Desheng tells secretary-general of chamber of commerce of home appliance of Guangdong of no less than, now electromagnetism furnace still the electrical engineering standard before continue to use is old, brought the opportunity of exploit an advantage to a less known and inferior brand, quality of backward, product involves many small manufacturer technologies nevertheless, still can live in the industry of this zoom however go down.
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