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Air conditioning of porcelain stove, frequency conversion is not energy-saving d

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Our country is new on April 1 " energy-saving law " carry out formally. The reporter learned yesterday, to it the 46 states level of form a complete set begins to be released in succession carry out. Among them, 11 terminal such as air conditioning of furnace of family expenses electromagnetism, frequency conversion are used can the product all set can the lowermost index of effect, national level appoint world of Yang Ze of section chief of traffic energy department expresses, add these 11 products, our country had had 25 terminal product to set target of the most feebleminded effect, these products do not amount to mark to cannot leave factory and will be sold.

As we have learned, in standard of 46 form a complete set, 11 terminal are used can product state level is brought into among them, the commonly used family expenses in people including to live inside burns gas water of electric heat of storage water heater of fast water heater, family expenses implement, monitor of air conditioning of type of air conditioning of furnace of family expenses electromagnetism, frequency conversion, much couplet, computer, electrostatic copycat.

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