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“ home appliance is spent centrally have the tendency that rises further, the market of foreign capital brand is had rate have rise apparently. ” Shanghai Su Ning electric equipment (love, prices, information) president Ling Guosheng was released in Shanghai Su Ning recently " trend of spending of industry of 2008 home appliance reports " on express. As the drawing near of the Olympic Games, flat TV market warms up increasingly. Apply in place of foreign capital tycoon pressure below, course of study of homebred home appliance is faced with however break down the crisis.
Fierce fight of brand of China and foreign countries

According to reporter understanding, the market share of TV of flat of foreign capital brand also from 2006 first 20% the left and right sides rises to more than 50% current quickly, of its speed fast the anticipation that exceeded people.

From " report " see, in respect of traditional electric equipment, before air conditioning 10 brands occupy the market to exceed the share of 80% . Long-term stability holds 34 brands that put the brand battle array that washs category on the ice to be bibcock with homebred sea Er, joint-stock Xi Menzi very preponderance position. On line of color television category, suffer flat TV of tremendous consumption pull move, put at present have more than 20 brand, relatively active with joint-stock brand riverside of medium Xia Pu, SamSung, Suo Ni, Toshiba, flying benefit, pine falls to achieve dimension, sea mediumly with card of home made product letter, TCL is a delegate, future does not eliminate the possibility that appears to shuffle again.

Actually, from this year first since, of TV of foreign brand liquid crystal depreciate agitation is done not have all the time discontinuous over- . Present price compares some entrance brands even shop sign of home made product is even small. Face enormous competitive pressure, domestic company shines in succession of newest development taste accept a challenge newly, some brands rolled out a few to be tasted newly at a draught even.

Ling Guosheng expresses, category of color television, freezer, washing machine, mobile phone is the focal domain that at present card of home made product and joint-stock brand are in position battle. Before joint-stock brand holds high-end market, card of home made product is occupational in the situation that low end consumes the market has produced a change in exert a subtle influence on. The development that among them model is flat TV is deduced. In show level, joint-stock color television (wait like riverside of SamSung, Xia Pu, LG, flying benefit) use resource of technology of body of upriver core screen, rely on brand advantage, use value strategy, in in low end squashs ceaselessly on the market card of home made product.

Report the analysis thinks, card of home made product (if achieve letter of dimension, sea to wait) rely on however strengthen diversification of technical research and development, function, appreciation to serve, the active advantageous position of market of the high end in capturing ceaselessly, if achieve the cruel of thought research and development,open TV, Hai Xinzhen the motion of 120 high-definition series, Kang Jia is completely high-definition series.
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