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Domestic rich can be exhibited rise in price complain of suffering of home appli

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"Most and abroad client expresses to accept rise in price this fact, just go up acceptabilitily finite " , the 103rd when Bin of general manager Feng of company of Chun Lan imports and exports kicked off yesterday wide hand in say on the meeting. Times reporter was in yesterday wide hand in meeting home appliance to exhibit a house to understand, suffer raw material to rise in price, the RMB appreciates influence of two big main factors, include air conditioning, ice to wash, color television, hutch defended the product of all fronts home appliance such as small home appliance to all raise export price. But have many companies relevant controller expresses, although raise price profitless still, because this may be forced,reduce exit proportion.

Export price each market is different

Feng Bin says to the reporter, air conditioning exports entire industry to raise price is not to dispute a fact. "But I do not have a law how to much told you to go up, for instance we have Europe, middle east, and a few rising markets, the situation of every market is different " .

Chen Juan of minister of ministry of public relations of case orchid be an official also said yesterday, current wide hand in meeting, microwave oven exports valence when the river rises the boat goes up too, but go in the international market as a result of LG, SamSung " low is politic " , make the global competition of microwave oven very intense, "Price of export of microwave oven of case orchid be an official is small only go up " .

Although the relevant controller of these enterprises is right " go up " appear closely guard a secret, controller of outcome of Dan Youbing case exports cost to go up to home appliance calculated brushstroke Zhang: "After new labor law is carried out, manpower cost rose 12% , calculate after taking totle drilling cost, increased 1% ; Steely, copper, the sources of energy, plastic (13890, 215, 1.57% , ) wait for raw material to rise in price, let totle drilling cost rise 2% ; The macroscopical policy of constrictive sex leaves the country, business loan is more bad, let totle drilling cost rise 0.5% . Plus content shedding cost mentions advanced and other factor, the manufacturing cost of a freezer rose 4% ~ 5% . And the RMB has arrived by 7.79 litres of last year 6.992 present, odd this one, let exported cost to rise to be become fully. "

"The pressure that the RMB appreciates to be brought to exit is the biggest, bead trigonometry, long triangle the export business of thousands of closes down because of this " , this personage expresses, "The enterprise does not carry valence to do not have a law to live, but go up a scope that increases under cost " .

Home market heft is increased

The reporter understands, the situation that the RMB appreciates continuously is short-term inside won't appear changeover, economist predicts, prospective RMB exchange rate " broken 6 " later ability is possible " sole " . To this, bin of general manager Feng of company of Chun Lan imports and exports expresses, for utmost reduce a dollar to devalue brought loss, the enterprise is sought more quote with euro or RMB, perhaps choose " L/C at sight " as settle accounts means (the settle accounts means of general and current long-dated settlement of exchange on international, namely settle accounts is delivering the goods normally after 3 months) .
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