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Home appliance exposition: Fully " signal " small home appliance should rise in

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One before one hind, two exhibit differently completely meeting, the feeling that rise in price is breathtaking accord however.

Just attended wide hand in meeting, home appliance purchases Shang Linyu chess to hurry to Ci Xi hurriedly, the fair of home appliance of brook of 2008 China kind that plays to be being held here.

"No matter be exit or sale in domestic market, the price begins general to go up. " after undertaking communicating with 7 enterprises, lin Yuqi issued such verdict.

The home appliance yesterday exhibits the spot, besides purchase business, almost all manufacturer homes made clear a signal: With exit, the product quoted price of market of sale in domestic market of small home appliance also begins to rise generally.

General of quote of spot finished product goes up 5% to 10%

Exposition of home appliance of brook of 2008 China kind kicked off yesterday, ginseng exhibited an enterprise to achieve 256.

As home the biggest small home appliance produces distribution centre, home appliance price of Ci Xi is having the effect of similar vane inside course of study.

The product of main home appliance of group of Zhejiang double sheep is fanner, zhu Jun of director of district of its Ning Bo says: "According to company provision, this year purchase quote to rise than last year 4% . " Zhu Jun's explanation is, plastic those who wait for raw material rise the product that causes a company quotes must rise.

In order to produce sale clean water implement, water machine the Inc. of science and technology of water treatment of Zhejiang ooze garden that give priority to, having to the client's quote bigger go up. Shu Longlin of chief inspector of this company promotion is right this call a spade a spade, "Cost rises pressure is apparent, the product of firm major model rises in price 10% the left and right sides. "

One waters the manufacturing cost of machine rises close 5%

Why can finished product of small home appliance go up? Be what element is after all bring about rise in price?

As domestic dimensions the biggest water engine production company, china is strange enlighten Zhou Ji of president of electric equipment group is exhibited calculated brushstroke fine Zhang.

Above all one waters machine form by a lot of fittings, include crust, control plate, switch, inside mouth of bravery, water, among them cost is highest is compressor board, Ban gold.

Zhou Ji is exhibited say, with Ban gold for exemple, had risen nearly 20% , this means whole platform to water the manufacturing cost of machine will raise 1% to 2% .

For instance cupreous material, cupreous price by 2007 59000 yuan of end / ton rise 68000 yuan / ton, rise extent exceeds 15% . "Water the copper on machine compressor, as a result of copper price rises and cost rises about 1% . " price is raised in what speak of a product when, zhou Ji is exhibited none avoid mentioning.
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