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Su Ning adds offer to be in every surely 45 yuan of fund gather together subscri

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Announcement blame gained follow publicly on May 8 send the inspect that obtain evidence after meeting approve, su Ning electric equipment now (8 years on May 22) the amount that affirmed this second blame issues share publicly is 54 million, issue the price to be 45 yuan / , total collect capital is 2.43 billion yuan. Fund of its China summer subscribe among them 20 million, contributive forehead will amount to 900 million yuan.

This second blame of Su Ning electric equipment is added publicly hair is time-consuming more than 1 year. Add this hair beforehand case announced at first on April 21, 2007, the emission that affirms at that time share amount is do not exceed 73 million, the emission of the plan the price is 33.3 yuan / .

Announcement shows now, the 6 orgnaizations investor that this subscribe blame releases subscribe publicly besides in outside believing negotiable securities, the others all is fund company 5 times, among them, limited company of management of fund of an ancient name for China, wide hair fund parts subscribe among them 20 million, 12 million, according to 45 yuan / issue price computation, its are contributive the forehead will achieve 900 million yuan to mix 540 million yuan respectively. Be worth what carry is, fund of an ancient name for China pays close attention to Su Ning electric equipment very all the time. Up to 2008 first quarter end, round-the-world share total makes an appointment with Su Ning of hold of fund of an ancient name for China forty-seven million six hundred and sixty-seven thousand eight hundred, it is the biggest partner except company initiator, with the company share price was calculated 55.19 yuan on March 31, market prise tot is controlled 2.63 billion yuan. And fund of an ancient name for China 20 million of this subscribe, what go out capital total to achieve 900 million yuan again, this batch of share need on May 21, 2009 ability lift a ban.

After this second blame is issued publicly, company total capital stock will achieve one billion four hundred and ninety-five million five hundred and four thousand. Investment of plan of place collect financing interlinks inn 250 times content of project, Shenyang sheds inn of naval vessel of the Na Qi in central project, Wuhan to purchase store of flagship of Pudong of project, Shanghai to purchase an item. Cost among them the biggest should belong to 250 chain store project, this project invests amount to achieve 1.96 billion yuan, among them collect capital will put in 1.5 billion yuan medium at this project. It is reported, this project will add business area newly 815200 square metre, body year after year adds eighteen billion six hundred and twenty-five million yuan newly (contain tax) sale dimensions, appear on the market the kind that the company will plan to apply the storefront that rent is in China north, northwest, northeast, China medium, Hua Dong, Hua Na expands 250 chain store, the company will be passed be opened directly or set subsidiary newly (wholy-owned or control share company) or combine other shareholder to accuse share company to add endowment means, be in charge of opening chain store by subsidiary, implement this project.
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