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Exposition of 2008 China home appliance shows range

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Home appliance of 01 China International exhibits appliance of refrigeration of 0101 family expenses: The air conditioning of 0102 family expenses such as freezer, cold ark is implemental: Window type air conditioning, fission hangs air conditioning of mural type air conditioning, type of fission clothes closet, condole the top is type air conditioning, embedded air conditioning, small-sized the cleanness of 0103 family expenses such as central air conditioning is implemental: The 0104 hutch such as washing machine, dryer, dishwasher defend wiring: The product of solar energy of 0105 family expenses such as machine of lampblack of electric water heater, platoon: Solar energy water heater, solar battery board wait for 0106 networks home appliance, information home appliance small home appliance of 02 China International exhibits product of 0107 other home appliance 0201 kitchens electric equipment: The 0202 bathrooms electric equipment such as machine of cupboard of machine of furnace of oven of electric meal Bao, report, microwave oven, electromagnetism, coffee, fruit juice machine, disinfection, frying pan, egg beater, soya-bean milk: Electric water heater, hair dryer, bath bully, dry mobile phone, the electric equipment of 0203 families cleanness such as clean treasure: Cleaner, sweep the floor midge of drive of the machine, machine that brush a shoe, launder board, report implement, deodorization of electric iron, toilet implement wait for 0204 bedrooms air adjustment electric equipment: Generator of generator of ion of machine of fanner, dehumidify, humidifier, air purifier, negative oxygen, small-sized oxygen 0205 warm oneself electric equipment: Report is warm implement, 0206 people such as furnace of electric heat blanket, electric heat nurse electric equipment: Hair dryer, shave needs implement, curl implement, the 0207 hygiene electric equipment such as electric toothbrush: The electric equipment of 0208 water treatment such as measuring instrument of massage chair, massager, blood pressure, temperature measuring instrument, body fat measuring instrument: Water machine, clean water implement, the 0209 family expenses such as soft water machine are dynamoelectric recreational electric equipment: The product of 0210 other small home appliance such as mahjong machine family expenses of 03 China International (individual) electronic product exhibits product of seeing and hearing of 0301 family expenses: Television (contain liquid crystal TV, plasma TV, back to cast TV, mobile TV to wait) , the 0302 individual electron products such as acoustics of domestic movie theater, projector, disc player, combination, radio, recorder: Player of electronic sport plane, CD, MP3/MP4 player, listen, the 0303 communication product such as camera of machine of dictionary of PDA, electron, study, mobile memory, number, DV: Mobile phone, phone (contain phone of picturephone, satellite to wait) , the 0304 intelligence household such as interphone: Like system of network of intelligent switch, family, how to prevent call the police, can inspect wait for 0305 cars to carry electronic product to telling form a complete set of industry of home appliance of 04 China International exhibits product of 0306 other electrons component of product of 0402 home appliance reachs raw material of product of 0401 home appliance form a complete set 0403 home appliance produce equipment product of 0404 home appliance detects equipment 0405: If electric consonant resembles publication, home appliance related home appliance,the &nb [1] [2] such as orgnaization of firm of relevant journal, design, attestation issues one page
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