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Chinese home pays close attention to energy-saving environmental protection cont

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On the two meetings that just end, energy-saving like decreasing a platoon to never resemble this, be paid close attention to strongly by all circles. The delegate that comes from enterprise of bibcock of home appliance industry offers in succession force closes to energy-saving new standard comes on stage, appeal establish a government energy-saving subsidy system. Chen Gang of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese home appliance expresses to this, person of door of control of company of home appliance bibcock happens to coincide the ground advocates home appliance energy-saving environmental protection, the mark is worn the enterprise promotes energy-saving product already from in the past " passive " turn into " active " .

From now on of second representing second reading on can see, on the production of product of energy-saving home appliance, the key that the enterprise pays close attention to already stayed on the level that product policy gives aid to not just, the cry of energy-saving mechanism begins lasting to building effect to rise gradually. In fact, this also is the crucial place that home appliance enterprise breeds company core competition ability, zhou Houjian of president of group of letter of delegate of National People's Congress of no less than, sea offers in be said, "The enterprise should seize opportunity of energy-saving environmental protection, adjust industrial structure, increase a technology to innovate independently, breed the core competition ability of an enterprise ceaselessly. "

Two meetings with respect to home appliance energy-saving problem is arisen a climax, the distinguished gathering of industry of Chinese home appliance in back-to-back move " exposition of 2008 China home appliance " go up, home appliance is energy-saving the problem will be paid close attention to continuously. As we have learned, exposition of Chinese home appliance will in April 17-20 day is in Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center to hold, the party that regards industry of domestic home appliance as each enterprise two years, 2008 China home will hold the activity of form a complete set of rich diversity during electric exposition, among them " home appliance is energy-saving forum " each topic that enterprise of put up with cares spreads out discuss, main around home appliance energy-saving technology, can the respect such as effect standard and attestation undertakes communicating.

Sponsor square relevant personage to say, "Home appliance is energy-saving forum " anticipate a long time, hold afternoon on April 18, will invite at the appointed time come from industry of Japanese electric machinery the expert scholar of center of certificate of quality of academy of standardization of meeting, China, China and enterprise represent the theme around energy-saving forum to have splendid speech, still will invite authoritative expert to have the activity of project decide on awards through discussion such as energy-saving, innovation to the ginseng item on display of exposition of 08 home appliance additionally. Carry a series of this relevant activities, believe the enterprise of can long-term to with a view to development is helped somewhat, bring strange thing.
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