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71 China electron is exhibited will be in Shenzhen to be able to exhibit a cente

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71 China electron is exhibited (CEF) will on April 11, 2008, the center can be exhibited 13 days to kick off in Shenzhen, communication of China International number is exhibited (DigiCome) also roll out the corresponding period. According to introducing, current exhibit meeting accumulating to achieve 60 thousand square metre, add up to 2000 high grade suppliers attend showpiece, showpiece limits covers catenary of electronic Information Industry, include: Electron yuan appearance of material of parts of an apparatus, electron and manufacturing facilities, instrument, photoelectricity, IC and product of digital terminal electron, small home appliance, IT.

To promote the communication of domestic electron enterprise and development, exhibit meeting the corresponding period to still will be held car electron and car carried FPD of technical seminar, China to make electron of forum, international 2008 test and measure green of enterprise of electron of professional seminar, China to make as advanced as technology of attestation seminar, RFID and application seminar wait for forum of much field high end. Content covers electronic communication industry almost all domain.

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