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The village bans owner of water heater of outfit solar energy to indissoluble fo

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Recently, mr Li that lives in Yinchuan road calls our newspaper to say, he plans to install solar energy water heater in housetop, but village property company provides any owner cannot do sth without authorization installs solar energy, let his can find no way out. The reporter interviews discovery, insular city has many new house villages to prohibit installing solar energy water heater, business of not little even development is direct will " ban outfit your " write into building business bond. To this, many citizens express to indissoluble. Many personnel of property company says when accepting a reporter to interview, there are obligate position and passageway when building a building, the equipment such as installation solar energy can destroy a building to carry a structure on the head, also affect beautiful.

The village bans water heater of outfit solar energy

Mr Li that lives in Yinchuan road tells a reporter, this year in April, when he enters Xiaoou, spent 3000 multivariate money bought a solar energy water heater, did not think of village property does not allow owner to install solar energy water heater in Lou Dingan. "Using solar energy is the issue that compares environmental protection, such can managing not little the sources of energy, why to let install? " Mr Li says helplessly, finally, he was forced to give a friend solar energy water heater. Lived in Ms. Guo that makes the same score degree of aureate village showing a river to encounter same trouble, development business informs the wall outside saying floor to use insulation material entirely, solar energy bracket installs stiletto, can affect result of its heat preservation, the waterproof layer that the building carries on the head also does not allow stiletto. The reporter investigates discovery, many villages do not allow insular city water heater of owner installation solar energy.

Property says they are very helpless also

Why does village property reject to install solar energy? East the king manager of hill property company tells a reporter, really company of a lot of property does not let owner install solar energy. "Village property is very helpless also, what they worry most is the destruction that causes when installation. If the building is slope top, the tile that the building carries on the head is very easy tread down, when fixed water heater, the building carries a structure on the head to be able to be destroyed, create a building slack, still can destroy village whole beautiful. " " the compasses choose a site for the capital that all prohibiting that install solar energy water heater is development business or property company are self-ordained, banning the main reason of outfit is to develop business or property company to be afraid of him incommode. " the personage inside a trade that pursues old property management says, business of a few development is design carrying a layer on the head attic, meet when carry out building to the owner acceptance that buys attic, the building won't install solar energy equipment very, can affect its to sell otherwise. Equipment of installation solar energy may destroy a building to carry waterproof layer on the head, increase a trouble to property company, so property company does not hope owner holds anything in Lou Dingan.
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