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Ignite the terminal market that enrage kitchen 0 eligible major sell be at ease

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Recently, the kitchen burning gas that Wuhan city lights air heating power to manage the office to go up to the market is provided had sampling observation, result discovery: The 4 batch kitchen range that kitchen of highway of river of Chinese mouth edge provides the sampling observation inside terminal market is provided all unqualified.

Selectived examination this in all 15 batch, eligible batch 11, all be large and medium-sized light a kitchen range that sells a sale in domestic market carry out to provide; The sample of unqualified batch comes from kitchen of edge river highway to have terminal market entirely.

Unqualified kitchen is provided, main existence problem has at 4 o'clock: Label precision of unqualified, thermic load thermal efficiency is unqualified, unqualified, did not take flameout protector. If did not take flameout protector kitchen to provide, cause person belongings loss easily.

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